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When the lunatics take over the asylum

Posted by appolus on September 21, 2018

So as I watch yet another debacle unfold in the realms of politics but also the continuing fall of Rome, only this time it is the fall of the West, I am reminded of the madness of a bygone age. In the dark ages of Britain, if one were accused of being a witch, two events would then unfold. You would be taken to the river and thrown in. If you did not drown this was considered to be an absolute sign of your guilt whereby you were then taken and burned at the stake. Think about that for moment. The moment the accusation was made, there was no possibility of you proving your innocence, for how can one prove they are not a witch?

There was only, will you drown or will you burn. How could a man prove he did not do something 35 years ago? There is no evidence that could be mustered, there is to time, no date, no physical evidence at all. All there is is the accusation. Now that we live in days of madness that is all you need. Where will all the hysteria end? Will the lunatics take over the asylum? They already have. The statesmen are long gone, a very definite sign of judgment. I told the story the other day of the man in Britain accused of multiply raping a woman. He was then remanded to a woman’s prison because he self identified as a woman. There he raped several more women. The same hysterical lunatics that we see today on our tvs are the very people who would send a rapist to a woman’s prison.

Jezebel walks among us screaming ” I will murder your babies.” She taunts them who still have their minds by pointing to the ever growing mass of hysterical lunatics and telling them ” they are coming for you next.” And they are. Dark are the days brothers and sisters. Hell and all its depths are loosed. Those not standing upon the firm foundation of God will simply be swept away by a hurricane of madness and lunacy. And the thing is, these are just the outer bands of a storm that will engulf the whole world. Is their oil in your vessel?

The Holy Spirit is calling to His people to lift up their eyes. See, that although the gross darkness is almost upon us, right behind it comes the Lord Himself hence the reason for the monumental battle that is unfolding. This is the enemies last stand and he is not going down without a fight. Yet greater is He that is in us than he that is in the midst of the crazed masses.

6 Responses to “When the lunatics take over the asylum”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Preach it brother Frank!!!!!! You are one of the few sure enough bible preachers left in the world today. You are right about it being a global judgement that is unfolding. The madness is engulfing Mexico also. More than 30,000 killed so far this year. The greatest act of mercy that our Lord could show this world would be if he were to destroy it. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • appolus said

      Even so Lord. The world is in the last stages of dying and even the earth is crying out because of the wickedness, it cries out for the Lord. The earth mourns and the forests weep and the oceans lament. Yet soon even the rocks will cry out and the trees bow down and the seas will be at rest from their tumult as the Lord Jesus Himself comes back on clouds of glory. May every creature who will, repent and be saved for the time of our deliverance draws nigh………….bro Frank

  2. Rebecca said

    Ezekiel 14:13-14 speaks about any country …so this includes these united states: “when a country sins against Me … and I put out My hand to send famine … kill it’s men and animals even if Noah, Daniel and Job were IN IT they could only save themselves by their righteousness …” Ezekiel then calls the LORD sovereign … and He is. God’s children are not always removed but are being watched over. Some will indeed be protected … but all of God’s children will be on display to show if their faith is strong and if their hope remains without fail.

    Paul in Philippians 4 gives us an example of how we should live in contentment and who we should trust in … no matter the evil whose main purpose is to weaken the target which are God and His children. When the display of God’s judgement that is coming … no is already here … surrounds us … we are to continue to warn speaking the truth of why we have hope no matter the circumstance.

    It is in Jesus Christ that we trust … His Word and His Holy Spirit … even if the brook goes dry … it is a sure word that God our Father has something better in store for His people. Yes … it is time to look up as our redemption does draw nigh! How wonderful to think on what we have to look forward to.

    • appolus said

      We are indeed surrounded by more than one audience sister. There is a cloud of witnesses praise the Lord yet their is also principalities and powers and they are our accusers. They stand ready to mock us when the fires of this world consume us, but they stand in vain for God’s children, filled with His Son Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit will not relent, they will stand in the evil day. Thier vessels with have light in that day and they shall be separated from goats, from the chaff and forever join the Lord and the hosts of heaven…………………….bro Frank

  3. In the progressive unfolding of the Gospel and the Kingdom, God prepared Joseph for the years of Famine that was coming. The iron around his feet ‘entered into his very soul’ so says Psalm 105v18 ‘until his word came to pass, the Word of the LORD tested him. The contrast is Psalm 106 where God sent leanness into the soul of the children of Israel because he gave them what they really wanted-to gratify the lusts of their flesh (v13-15) This speaks so much of the Western Church today for it has been drowning in its own Laodicean vomit and does not love the truth of the Cross so a delusion seems to have been sent upon it. Maybe there is a Remnant in the Earth with men and women of iron in their own Adullam Caves and trained and prepared well by God who will emerge and minister and lead and provide for the wounded exiled sheep of our Lord Jesus.

    • appolus said

      There is indeed a Remnant, decreed by God. They have been held firm by iron and trial. They have been tested in the desert. They have had the bread of adversity and the waters of affliction for their teachers. The days of weeping do not last forever. There is a narrow path through the gross darkness and we know that this is the way and we must walk in it. ……………………………bro Frank

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