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Surely there is a God-He is the key.

Posted by appolus on May 21, 2018

Many years ago my mother was homeless. After many long years living with a violent alcoholic husband, she entered a shelter for battered women. There was no intention on her part to ever divorce my dad, simply to separate from him fifteen years after coming to the Lord. The day she came to the Lord was the day that violence erupted in our house. When she was in the home for battered women she witnessed to many of the women in there. Every night she would cry out to the Lord for a place to live. Typically you would get a government house in a housing scheme or what my American friends would call the projects.

The ladies would often remind my mom what kind of apartment she would get because she was telling them that the Lord had something for her. She had put a little money aside and had given it to a trusted family friend for safe keeping. After three months of living in the homeless shelter with my young brother, my mum was wearied. She felt in her heart that the Lord had let her down. She confessed this to her closest friend and the friend prayed with her. As she left that friend the Lord spoke to her heart. He told her to go and get the money she had put aside with the trusted friend and then she was to go to the private landlord’s office who owned the property she had left my dad in. She was to ask for an apartment to rent.

Now, my dad, being an alcoholic had not paid the rent in a long time, they were $800 in arrears which thirty-five years ago, in Scotland, was a huge amount of arrears. My mother thought about this as she made her way to the office to speak to the office manager, a well-known stern woman. My mother felt the humiliation long before she got to the office but she was determined to be obedient. She took a deep breath and was ushered into the manager’s office. She poured her heart out to this woman and told her everything that had transpired. The women gave little away in her expression. When my mom had finished her story and had asked if the lady had anything to offer her, there was a moment of silence as the woman just stared at my mum. She reached over and opened a drawer and took out a key. She held this key up to my mum and told her that she had held onto this key of a nice apartment for three months.

She told my mum she had no idea why she had done this and then said these words that have burned themselves into my mom’s memory, she said “Surely there is a God.” From the very beginning of my mom’s homelessness God had set aside a key. He had it all in hand. Not very long after my mom moved into this apartment my father gave his heart to the Lord and they were reunited and retook their marriage vows after my dad was baptized. Over the next three years they paid every penny of the $800 arrears to the landlord. Often times when we are crying out to the Lord for something or we are in some kind of situation, we have no idea that the Lord already has the solution in hand, we just cannot see it. Maybe you are in some kind of situation today, you have cried out to the Lord and at this snap-shot in time you cannot see anything. Can I encourage you that God knows, He has not forgotten you, He has it all in hand, your prayer will be answered right on time, the Lord’s time. He is the key and He will open up a way before you.

7 Responses to “Surely there is a God-He is the key.”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Thank you brother Frank. What a beautiful testimony. I needed this today.

  2. Nina said

    Reblogged this on For Such A Time As This.

  3. Deborah said

    Very uplifting story, and I needed to hear it today too.

  4. Rebecca said

    I so needed to her this today … I know my times are in the hands of Christ … I try to reflect on Philippians 3:12-4:1 but today was especially hard. I know he has not forgotten me … and I know I am loved. I see His provision … and am grateful but today I felt alone even though I know I am never alone… so thank you I needed this word.

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