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A vision – will you enter into the glory.

Posted by appolus on May 15, 2018

Eleven years ago was my 25th wedding anniversary. My wife and I had decided to go to the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia and use that as our headquarters and travel for 16 days through-out the region. Shortly before leaving for the trip the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He told me I was going to have a significant encounter and that it would change everything. I assumed I was going to meet someone. We rented a house that was actually attached to the walled city, it was part of the stone drawbridge and had a magnificent stone terrace that overlooked the enchanting harbor of the city.

As I stood there one day, basking in a warm sun that was rising majestically from behind ancient mountains, a glorious and indescribable presence enveloped me. I had experienced the manifest presence of God many times before but nothing like this. It seemed to permeate my very DNA. Every part of me was alive and captivated, from my head right down to my toes and all around me and then suddenly I was in another place. The strange thing was that I was consciously aware that my body was still standing there but my spirit was “standing,” in this vision.

I was looking at some amalgam of the old testament Tabernacle and Solomon’s temple. In a grand square there was a great number of people. I asked who they were and was told they were the vast majority of people who called themselves Christians.They were standing in what I was told was the court of the gentiles. A great sadness came over me as I witnessed a tremendous amount of activity going on in the court. I wondered why they were not passing through a low door that was in a wall that led to the inner sanctuary. I was told that they would not bow down which would enable them to pass through the door. I could see what was behind the door in the wall, it was the inner sanctuary.

There was first a brazen altar. It was a foul-smelling place but deeply loved by God. The few who came though the door brought sacrifices of sin it seemed to me. They were coming forward not to get something but to give up foul-smelling sins that had so easily beset them. It took great humility to come before this place and acknowledge these secrets of their heart but they were readily burned up in a fire that continually burned. People sacrificed rags and were clothed in fine white linen. People sacrificed perversions and were given purity. Lies were sacrificed and truth was given. All manner of sin was replaced by holiness and purity.

Then they moved forward to the laver bowl where they washed themselves before moving on to be fed by shewbread which filled them in a way that they would never again hunger. Then they stood in the light of the lampstands, no longer ashamed but washed clean and made pure and able to stand in the light of God for He had cleansed them. Lastly their prayers began to rise up and come before the throne of God Himself. I looked again at the vast crowd outside of the manifest presence of God, engaged in much activity in the court of the gentiles and I was amazed that they would not enter. So close to entering in, but so unwilling to give up the things of this world, too proud to bow down and enter through the door, too ashamed to give up their innermost foul-smelling sin.

Suddenly I was back standing on the terrace. I looked out over a motionless sea where it met a cloudless sky and the rising sun warmed me with such a fierce intensity. In this fire of His presence I was alive with a life I knew would never end. This was my encounter with my glorious indescribable Jesus. When I returned home I was given a word from the Lord by a dear saint who knew nothing about this. I was to “write to the nations.” It seemed such a grandiose word, “write to the nations.” Nevertheless I was obedient to the Word. I started a website and began to lay bare my heart with what the Lord had taught me.

I was to speak to the remnant. I was not to try to convince anyone of anything but simply speak to those in the courtyard and encourage them who had ears to hear, to bow down low and enter through the low door and into the inner sanctuary. Just over ten years later I have written over one thousand articles,more than 300 poems, two books and many hymns that have been recorded. and the inspiration for all of that flowed from that encounter. Amazingly I have reached over five hundred thousand people from over 160 nations. God is faithful to those He calls, may we be faithful to His calling.

I want to be honest. Shortly after I had a second vision. It was somehow connected to the first. I was standing in church one Sunday morning and suddenly I found myself plunged under a fast flowing river on a bed of smooth stones. It took my breath away and I immediately began to struggle and panic. I was going to drown. The Holy Spirit held me gently but firm and spoke to me ” breathe Frank.” That was all He said. I fearfully opened my mouth and found that I could breathe. Then I somehow “knew,” what this was about. The waters that were rushing over me were troubled waters. The Lord wanted the troubled waters of this life to remove my hard edges, I was not to fight it. The following ten years were the most troubled years of all of my Christianity. Trial after trial. Despair. Wretchedness. Loss, like an incoming tide, came to me over and over again. Sleepless nights pacing the floor, sometimes on the floor crying out to God. And I thought often of the time I had cried out to God with somewhat naive optimism saying “whatever it takes Lord to make me useful in your Kingdom.”

All of this brothers and sisters I have found along the narrow path that we sojourn together. Like all the pilgrim saints , the long narrow way home is often a lonely, weary and exhausting road. But we have glimpsed something glorious have we not? We have in our mind and soul and spirit saw something of our eternal destination. It is high and lifted up. He is high and lifted up. The Lord Jesus is not only our companion along the way He is our destination. Don’t ask me to explain that. He is behind me and He hedges me around about, He goes before me and He dwells within me. Yet my destination is the unadulterated presence of the living God where the flesh is no longer a barrier that limits the glory. A place where this world is no longer a distraction nor competes for my attention. To finally dwell in a high and lofty place where I know as I am known. Oh to know as I am known, tis another world indeed, it is our world, it our home, it is our destination and every step we take is another step closer. Keep on walking saints though the road seem hard and lonely, keep on walking and lift up your head and see the glory. It is closer than you think.

11 Responses to “A vision – will you enter into the glory.”

  1. Meri Beth Morris said

    Overcomers! Amen! Beautiful Thank you for sharing!!!!

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  2. Tobie said

    Double-like. Bless you for your obedience.

  3. KMH said

    In your patience (endurance), possess ye your souls! Luke 21:19
    You have certainly ministered to me for the past several years, Brother!
    I found your site shortly after the Lord began to really open my eyes to how He deals with His people throughout the Bible (He is not talking to the unsaved but His people!) – always saying repent! The pharisees refused.
    This is a great vision He gave you about bowing lower to get closer to Him!!
    I love your foul smelling sin description and how He is soooo willing to take our sins!!! The first thing Jesus did after He rose is tell His disciples to loose sin!
    In John 20:23 He wants us to not only be loosed but to loose others! This is the good news!!! We can be free from the bondage of sin and be slaves to righteousness!!! Righteouness – DNA! New creations in Jesus Christ!!! Thank you, Brother!

    • appolus said

      Amen sister, Jesus stood up in the temple and announced good news, He had come to set the captives free, to loose their bonds, to open the eyes of the blind. God bless you sister and I am so thankful to God that you have been encouraged over the years…………….bro Frank

      • KMH said

        “The Spirit’s Instrument” regarding Ezekiel from:

        We need to consider the prophet himself more closely, for it is clear that he played an important part in this mighty resurrection movement. He could not have had less promising material, yet he experienced, as few other preachers of the Word can have done, the amazing effect of the power of the Word of God. Nevertheless, it was not done apart from Ezekiel and from his own personal experiences with God; he had a resurrection ministry because he was a resurrection man.

        This means that he had been weakened in himself, smitten, as it were slain. Indeed, that is the word used of the dry bones: “O breath, breathe upon these slain” (v. 9). Only those who have very real experiences of death with Christ can expect to know the true power of His resurrection.

        He had been brought low by meeting the glory of God. “And when I saw it, I fell upon my face” (Ezek. 1:28). It was from that place of absolute emptying of all merit or strength that he was raised up for his ministry. “And the spirit entered into me… and set me upon my feet” (2:2). Such complete and conscious natural emptiness, and altogether Divine raising up, are essential for a ministry of the Spirit in power. He was also brought very low by the sufferings of his ministry. He was not an unbroken man preaching down at the people from the heights of his own superiority, but was himself a sign of the words he spoke; he had to go through all the painful experiences himself before he could minister about them. Moreover he suffered in his private life. It is amazing how the Lord makes use of His servants’ home life and domestic affairs to bring them into new experiences of their need of Him. Ezekiel lost his wife (24:16-18), and in that loss had a further experience of the Cross working in him. He must have suffered greatly by being kept dumb (3:26; cf. 24:27; 33:22). He who so burned to proclaim the message was forbidden to preach for a time. His eloquence was a byword among the people; he was the most popular orator of his day. From far and wide the people invited one another to come and hear the beautiful words of this golden-mouthed speaker (33:30). “Indeed you are to them as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument” (v. 32). It could have been no easy matter for such a man to refrain from preaching.

        This all fits into a pattern. Whether in his communion with God, his home, his ministry, his ambitions or his joys, he became a man who from a human point of view was frustrated, disappointed, emptied out, cast down to the depths. But in this lay the secret of his powerful ministry. In all this he first proved for himself the mighty power of resurrection, and then became the mouthpiece and minister of that same power.

        • appolus said

          That was powerful commentary sister. I will totally agree and say amen to that. I will be reading this a few more times…………..bro Frank

          • KMH said

            From Dougriggs.org
            [audio src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/bookministry1/assemblies/5-16-18+wednesday.mp3" /]

            Jesus will get His bride!!!

  4. Kimberly Mcbride said

    Such an encouragement !! Thank you so much for enduring for the elect’s sake ! This site is a great delicious feast !

    • appolus said

      “This site is a delicious feast.” Thank you so much for saying that Kimberly. Right from the beginning I wanted to write as the Lord led, things that will endure. If the Lord tarries and long after I am gone, then it thrills me to know that saints all over the world will be edified………………..bro Frank

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