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The wall is about to crumble

Posted by appolus on February 22, 2018

The wall is about to crumble!

There is a wall spoken of in Ezekiel 13:10-16. The wall is constructed upon false-hood and lies. Lying prophets who tell the people what they want to hear. They cry peace and prosperity where there is no peace, and their prosperity is the gold and silver of this world. Their gold and silver and jewels are truly wood, hay and stubble and it shall surely come to nothing when the Lord comes against this wall.They lie to people and tell them that God is at peace with them and that they can, no matter what, fall back upon His mercy and His grace and that He will sustain them in their time of trouble. They have no peace for they do not know Him and their gold is fools gold and will not buy them peace.

There are many who plaster this wall and they do so with ” untempered mortar.” Now, I laid bricks for over 25 years. In the beginning, when I was an apprentice, we went to a trade school. The trade school was inside and we built many beautiful structures. We built egg-shaped sewers and Gothic arches and so on as we perfected all the finer points of building bricks and stone. If you were to walk into the large room where we were hard at work, you would see some fine examples of brickwork. The untrained eye would not notice and really could not notice that the mortar between the bricks was only sand with a small amount of lime, it was untempered, it had no cement. When the project was finished it was simply and easily taken down and the material would be scraped off and used again. If it were outside, it would not last very long and if a storm or rain were to hit it, the structures would simply collapse on themselves as the mortar that held everything together had no integral strength.

This is the kind of wall that Ezekiel is talking about in Chapter 13. Christendom itself is just like this wall(not the Church). It has been constructed by false prophets and the mortar used to hold it all together is religiosity. It gives a beautiful appearance and it encompasses a stronghold, but the time is coming soon when the Lord Himself will come against this structure. The Lord Himself will cause a storm designed specifically to bring the structure down. This is just like Matthew 7:26 where the Lord talks about two houses. One is built upon a foundation of Truth, that is Jesus, and the other has no foundation at all, it is merely built on sand. Now, in the normal course of events no one would ever know what house had a foundation or which did not. Yet, when a storm comes and the rains of persecution pour down, in the end only one house will be left standing, the house that stands entirely upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.

This storm is coming brothers and sisters. In fact the fore-winds have already begun to blow. There will be a flooding rain, great hailstones shall fall and a stormy wind shall tear it down. Tear what down and expose what? The great wall of religion and denominationalism shall soon be exposed as the birth pangs of persecution begin to intensify. God has always had a remnant of people who dwell outside the walls, outside the systems of men. They are witnesses who testify of the truth. Indeed, as Stephen says , God does not dwell in temples built by human hands. God’s kingdom dwells within the hearts of His children. His structures consist of living stones. These living stones together, are the temple of God.

This great storm of darkness that is descending upon the world is designed to leave only the true children of God standing, and by standing I mean never faltering, standing fast to the end , a prevailing, enduring and overcoming stand. That which is without the foundation of Jesus, which is constructed by un-tempered mortar will not stand. And by not standing I mean shall fall into compromise with the world.They shall not stand fast, they shall not endure and they shall not overcome. That un-tempered wall shall be no more when the climax of the storm comes, when Jesus Himself shall descend in all His glory with the saints and with a shout of glory and triumph. Those saints still alive after the final martyrs have been slaughtered shall arise and join Christ and His army in the air, that glorious army of saints who come with Christ and then every knee shall bow, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God.

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