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Will you wear a crown of thorns?

Posted by appolus on October 30, 2017

A man’s crown will lift you very high
For all the world to see
A crown of thorns will lift you up
Upon a bloody tree

A man’s crown dresses you with style
The finest clothes that you can wear
A crown of thorns will strip you down
And it will leave you bare

A man’s crown will make you known
You’ll be the toast of every ball
A crown of thorns it causes you
To not be known at all

A man’s crown will give you fortune
And it will give you fame
A crown of thorns will make you bleed
And you will never be the same

Will you stretch your hands out wide
Will you humbly bow your head
The nails and thorns they penetrate
And leave your old man dead

All men who seek to save their lives
To build and then to multiply
Will surely lose their eternal lives
And they will forever die

The man who gives his head to thorns
And gives his hands to nails
Is the overcoming child of God
Who endures and who prevails.

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