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Have you sat at the table or will you run from it?

Posted by appolus on October 29, 2017

The road gets narrower and the the climb becomes steeper the deeper that we walk into the Kingdom of God. There is no way back , nothing to go back too, there is only on-wards and upwards no matter what the road ahead holds ( praise God we can rarely see it) For those who have entered into the Kingdom and turned the world upside down, then up appears to the world as down. When they see trials and tribulations they see somehow failure and rejection. But our trials are the chisel blows. The great Sculptor is shaping us that we may rightly fit into one glorious temple, a dwelling place for our Lord.

Who will yield to the chisel’s blows? Who will not run from trials and afflictions and persecutions? Who will embrace such a walk that against the blackest backdrop our little light shines out and testifies of His glory? Will ye yield Christian? Will you allow yourself to be shaped? Will you stretch out your own hands for the Master’s cause? Can you rejoice in the deepest valleys? The strongest blows ever against the enemies Kingdom is the joyful noise that arises from the deepest valleys. In a place where others weep and gnash and despair, the upside down man, the Kingdom man rejoices in His Lord and the devil is silenced, indeed Jesus prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. Have you oh Christian man sat at this table? It is the table of the Lord and goodness and mercy follows us all the days of our walk along the narrow way.

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