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Touching the Father’s heart

Posted by appolus on April 7, 2017

How is it I could be so lost
In a very familiar place
How can my heart turn suddenly cold
Now my world’s a smaller place


I was born to soar into the skies
I was born to look into your eyes
Reaching out to be a part
Of a world, touching the Father’s heart

Verse 2

How can I stay here in this place
With its darkness all around
My heart longs to hear your voice again
Just to hear a heav’ly sound

Verse 3

I can run in, to my high tower
But I know I cannot stay
Im called to come back into the light
Into the light of a brand new day

Verse 4

So if you have run, you’ve run away
From your life with all its pain
It’s time to come back,come back to him
Time to fall in love again.

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