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The things that shape our lives.

Posted by appolus on December 18, 2016

The things that truly shape us are not the choices that we make. The totality of our lives cannot be found in the choices that we make. If that was true then we would be masters of our own destinies. This is the fodder of all guru’s and self help charlatans and has infiltrated the church. Joel Olsteen and others being masters of this kind of teaching. What really shapes our lives is the circumstances over which we have no control and how we react to them. The disasters, the defeats, the tragedies, the loss, these are what truly shape our lives, those and how we respond to them. None of us would choose disaster, none of us would choose tragedy. Yet, the building blocks of who we are, are forged in the fires of affliction. God has guaranteed that there is no money to be made nor fame to be had in sharing this truth.

11 Responses to “The things that shape our lives.”

  1. Loy Leslie said

    what are devotions were about today. >

  2. Rebecca said

    You are right … GOD leads us into the wilderness to test and grow our faith. It is sometimes abrasive and the corridor is narrow … sometimes HIS hand is heavy … but when we trust Him enough to die to ourselves He is there leading and guiding us. Jesus will never leave or forsake us. No one will enter the Kingdom of GOD in a corruptible state. We are commanded to come out of the world … the institutional church is full of deception. It has become devoid of the gospel message. There is a great falling away from the truth.

    It seems the tests are more frequent now and the trials are more severe but He never breaks or snuffs us out … in our weakness He is made strong. We just have to keep our focus on Jesus … and His promises. Satan will whisper condemnation is our ears as He tries to defeat us. We must be careful not to divert our attention away from Jesus. He is our stronghold … our refuge and ever present defense. I am not perfect in this but when I confess my sin to turn back to Christ He has never failed to welcome me. His Word renews my mind … His Holy Spirit teaches me.

    There is a famine for the truth … the Word of GOD has been breached. I wonder how so many are deceived by preachers that twist GOD’S Word … the messages are mostly psycho babble. It is only going to get worse … so we had better armor up!

  3. rhuomai said

    The things that shape us outwith God’s permissive will, are the very choices we make. Moreover we do not abrogate our choice even when it comes to those things that we bear with for Christ’s sake. In all things we have a choice.

    • appolus said

      I think it is important to point out that we do not have choices in all things. We can say that we have a choice how to react to all things, but there are circumstances that happen to us that are totally outwith our control. A spouse or a child dies. We probably never saw it coming and had no choices in this. Now, how we react to that is a choice. I guess my point was that it is the things that we have no control over that truly shape us based on the choices we make one way or another for one can be shaped for good or for ill. This is not what the word of faith or prosperity teachers or motivational teachers teach. They simply do not speak to defeats and failures and disappointments for they see them as negative when in fact, for the saint, it is quite the opposite when we take the long view, the eternal view………………………..bro Frank

  4. Prayergate said


    Great post!

    In fact, I just posted something which deals with some of the same issues (sufferings & decisions) this morning and then came across yours. Have a read if you’re interested:



    • appolus said

      Thank you Tim, I will brother…………………bro Frank

    • Rhuomai said

      I try to avoid stating the obvious. It must be self evident that if we have choices to make, and make poor choices, then there may be poor outcomes. Similalry no one can be in any doubt that those things over which they have no control – cannot ever be a matter of choice. You appear to be suggesting that eternity hinges on the suffering of men. you said, “They simply do not speak to defeats and failures and disappointments for they see them as negative when in fact, for the saint, it is quite the opposite when we take the long view, the eternal view.”

      • appolus said

        Hi Rhuomai, indeed, there are things that we have no control over and of course these are not a matter of choice, which was kinda the point of my post, but the decisions that we make after we have been rocked by these things are truly what shape us. And yes, the saint must enter into the sufferings of Jesus if they expect to sit with Him in heavenly places. …………………..bro Frank

        Therefore I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him: If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:
        (2Ti 2:10-12)

        • rhuomaiadmin said

          So then only a few will be saved after all. Just those who are blessed enough to suffer for their salvation. Nice Gospel. Or maybe everyone will be saved except those who pretend they are not suffering because its not positive to talk about suffering? What do you think? Just for the record – my own opinion is that suffering generally destroys people. Take a look. Choosing to suffer for the sake of Righteousness – now that really shapes people. Profoundly different gospel isn’t it? What is the name of your Gospel. No offence intended. But I haven’t seen a message that states that ordinary suffering makes us fit for heaven before.

          • appolus said

            Hi Rhuomai, there is no salvation aspect to suffering. The only thing that makes us “fit for heaven,” is the blood of Jesus. The Scripture that I quotes was 2 Tim 2:10-12 …………. “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him. ” I have no real idea what it means to reign with Jesus but it clearly states that reigning with Him belongs to those who suffer for His sake. Just for clarity, I am not a OSAS ( once saved always saved ) advocate, this is not my reading of the Scriptures. The promises of the Lord are to those who endure, to those who overcome. Please read the first three chapters of Revelations. Suffering only destroys those who walk through the fires without the Lord, who choose to turn back to Egypt and fall upon their own strength and their own wisdoms. For the saint, suffering increases their faith in the Lord. If you are young, there is a good reason you may not have heard this aspect of the Gospel, if you are an older man then I have no idea why these truths seem to trouble you so……………………bro Frank

  5. Prayergate said


    Just another note. I only have two websites on my “devotional favorites” list … yours and David Wilkerson’s. It’s always an encouragement to see God confirm his Word among two or three “witnesses”. Check out his recent “devotionals” for Dec 20th & Dec 21st:



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