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Maximum freedom

Posted by appolus on August 25, 2016

Five months ago we rescued a two month old male Labrador. At the age of seven months Jack walks without a leash. He heels, he sits, he comes, he drops things from his mouth when told to. He is the envy of the other dogs that see him each day because he is not shackled to his leash. He runs ahead of me, or lingers behind, he runs the fields and the tree line. He loves to run in the tall grass and I love to watch him zig zag through the grass. He runs into the forest chasing rabbits and chases squirrels up trees. Even in full flight of rabbits he will cut short the chase when commanded.

Now to get to the point we are at now took discipline and consistency. There was a sternness to my voice when needed and punishment too when required. Yet, now that Jack and I have the right relationship, now that he understands his need to submit, his need for obedience, his brokenness so to speak, it is Jack that reaps the rewards. I would say that he has more freedom than any other dog in the neighborhood.

You know, this has been my experience with the Lord. I am sure some will object to the master/dog analogy but for me it really fits. As a young man and a young Christian ( came to the Lord at 27) I was very headstrong, rebellious and undisciplined. I marvel at the patience of my Master, my trainer. I too experienced discipline and I would say that it came mostly in the Lord allowing me to suffer the consequences of my actions. If He had shielded me from them I doubt I would have ever learned a thing.

Another aspect of my dog is that he always keeps me in his line of sight. He could be fifty yards away but as long as he can see me, as long as he knows I am there, he is at rest in his activities. He can be dashing around the tall grass and suddenly his head will come up, see where I am, and then he his back to his activities. His world revolves around his proximity to his master and all is right with his world as long as he can me and is close to me.

Now, consider the un-disciplined dog. He walks with his leash and is always straining against it. He never gets to run, he never gets to explore, his master cannot trust him and always has to keep him on a tight leash. The disobedient dog will never experience freedom. The unruly dog is forever confined. He is constantly being choked as he pulls against his leash. Can I suggest that this is the experience of the immature saint, the saint who would not yield to discipline, who would not be mastered, whose will is forever clashing with the will of the Master.

To be free in the Lord Jesus is to be obedient. The broken-hearted and the contrite saint is the free saint. We have been called to freedom. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery (Gal 5:1) For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives (Heb 12:6) Will you be free? Then will you bow the knee? It is in the bowing of the knee, the yielding of the spirit and the obedience to His word and voice that throws of the shackles of sin and produces a peace that surpasses understanding. And that peace comes from trust and faith in Jesus, not only as our Saviour which He most certainly is, but above all our Lord and Master in whom we follow and obey all the days of our lives.

11 Responses to “Maximum freedom”

  1. Prayergate said

    In order to write that post took having your own spiritual senses exercised over a long period of time. I weep over the knowledge of millions of young Christians sitting under the influence of false apostles, prophets and teachers who have already injected their “signs & wonders/world dominion/prophetic movement” poison into the minds and hearts of those lambs. The problem is, we’re running out of time … the “night is far spent” and those precious lambs are not being taught by example to put on their “armor of light”! Something has to happen to get those lambs to break away from their evil “task masters” and receive true discipline from the Word of God and the Holy Ghost! One way “feels good” and leads to destruction (or, at the very least, un-preparedness); and, the other way (which doesn’t feel as good) leads to ever-increasing life in the Spirit and ultimate maturity. I think “tribulation, affliction and persecution” will be the only ice-breaker! Then those lambs are going to need a LOT of help and direction in the Spirit … and in a very expeditious manner!

    • appolus said

      Prayergate writes………….. “In order to write that post took having your own spiritual senses exercised over a long period of time.” Yes indeed PG that is most definately correct. I suspect it will continue until my time here in this world is done………………bro Frank

  2. Steve said

    AMEN !! and AMEN !! Your experience with Jack calls to mind the quote attributed to the poet Robert Frost, that “freedom is running easy in harness.”

    Having teenagers, it’s a mindset I come up against every day, that freedom means “I do what (begin emphasis) I (end emphasis) want,” and “nobody tells (begin emphasis) me (end emphasis) what to do.”

    The marvel is that so many chronological-adults continue to operate by that mindset: so many, that the hysterical belief someone evil (government, foreigners, et al) is going to take away my “RIGHTS” is a political tool of immense manipulative power.

    That Christians should be deceived by that belief says a great deal more than simply the lack of wisdom, and immaturity, of deceived non-believers. As you say, it shows first that a Christian’s relationship with his/her Master is not right. Probably because it evidences a basic heart-attitude of rebellion…satan’s own sin.

    blessings, Steve

    • appolus said

      Bro Steve writes……………”Probably because it evidences a basic heart-attitude of rebellion…satan’s own sin.” Amen Steve, I believe it all begins and ends with the heart condition………………………..bro Frank

  3. Becky Johnson said

    Frank, I love this!!! And I relate to your comment of being rebellious and undisciplined. I ran from the Lord for many years (a legalistic upbringing) and since returning Home (9 years ago), I have often said that I ran for the sake of freedom and ended up in chains. I am grateful for His patience with me, and the freedom He continues to reveal to me. When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!

    • appolus said

      Becky writes………………… “And I relate to your comment of being rebellious and undisciplined.” This comes in many shapes and sizes, on the outside I was on fire, and I was. I was zealous and sold out but along with that came pride and arrogance. The Lord had to bend me, break me, show me time and time again that outside of His presence, outside of His reality, outside of His inspiration I had nothing. All good things, indeed, come down from the Father of lights………………………bro Frank

      • Becky Johnson said

        Frank, wow…yes. A few weeks back I was reading another blog where the author mentioned our “utter depravity” without God. And do you know what…? I was offended. By His grace I would come to admit the truth.

        • appolus said

          Becky writes…………” I would come to admit the truth.” Yes indeed sister, we either come to admit the truth or we dont come at all. We will have to take the long way round when the Lord would have us come right away. Its kinda like wandering in a wilderness, the promised land was never that far away, it was the condition of the heart that was being corrected in the desert…………bro Frank

  4. Thanks bro Frank, amen to that. “True freedom is found in being a slave to the Perfect Master”

  5. Steve said

    Becky’s comment about freedom particularly resonates for our society at this moment.

    Being made to do the will of someone else is Plato’s definition of slavery. And we know that we are all subjected to intense, daily, manipulation to get us to do someone else’ will: the will of marketers, for example, and (especially in this season) the will of politicians.

    We are manipulated most often to do their will by believing their plausible “spins” of truth, their half-truths, or their outright lies.

    Jesus said He IS “the Truth.” Anyone who loves Jesus, loves Truth.

    Who is immune to enslavement by lies, except those who love The One Who IS Truth, above all else ?

    Taking Truth entirely to our heart, He will set us free. When He sets us free, we are free INDEED.

  6. LAMAD said

    Thanks for writing about the important things concerning the Christian life. We desperately need the message.

    It can be discouraging with all of the hype, pop star church leaders, and celebrity pastors in today’s church. We live in a world where the worship “experience” is the most important element of being a disciple. Our definition of an out pouring of the Spirit is how moving the church concert, I mean worship service, was to the masses. The disciplined life? No need for it in today’s culture driven church.

    We are going to see some hurricane force winds blow through the kingdom. We need to keep praying for those who will be severely impacted by the “cleansing.”

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