A Call To The Remnant

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Hope-flowing like a river of Gold

Posted by appolus on June 28, 2016

The Holy Spirit laid this thought upon my heart today…….. There are no deeper connections made than when we experience the touch of the Holy Spirit in some of our darkest moments. It can be like hope in liquid gold form flowing through the deepest parts of who we are. What would this world be like without the hope of glory stretching out before our often weary feet? Yet we know this, that those who could have fainted faint not, those whom weariness threatens to overtake suddenly can run. And right out of the blue we are taken up on eagles wings and just for a moment rest in the updrafts of His presence. It restores our souls and strengthens us to endure and overcome for we ” know,” when we are finished running our race it will be no longer moments in the updrafts of His presence, it will be for all eternity.

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