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The rising tide of discontent-the unveiling of who we are.

Posted by appolus on June 26, 2016

There is a growing discontent with the status quo. The establishment of the Republican party is no difference than the establishment of the Democrat party. In Britain the established political parties were abandoned in favor of rebellion. I do not believe the establishment will stand idly by and allow their power to simply slip away wither in Britain or in America. Jesus had to die so that the establishment in Israel could maintain the status quo so in the end Pharisees and Sadducees and Herodians ( the political class) came together to get rid of the one man who could truly rock their society. They supposedly hated each other but found common cause in protecting themselves. That is what all establishment does, whether it is religious or political. God says that judgment begins at the house of the Lord. We have seen that already and it is ongoing, now we see the structures of Western society begin to unravel. And the scary thing should be for the world, once it begins it can really only have one end. The western world will ultimately choke on what they call freedom.

The civilized always reverts to the barbarian because everything they do lies within the realms of their own human nature which is ultimately corrupt. Only a reborn spiritual man stands against the lusts of men and that stand typically is awash with blood. The blood of the saints will be spilled and it will be spilled by a world in total rebellion against God. One could well argue that the blood of the saints is being spilled on a grand scale right now in various parts of the world. That is correct. Yet we can dismiss this in our minds as the actions of barbarians whether in parts of Africa, the Middle East, China, North Korea and so on. Yet all men are barbarians. No where was this more clearly revealed than in the two world wars of the 20th century where men died on a biblical scale. In fact the slaughter of those two wars make any previous barbarians look positively civilized.

Yet let me encourage the saints. When men are at their worse, Gods children are at their best. What brings out the worse in men brings out the best in the children of God. As gross darkness rises in the land then the bearers of the light stand out. We are the bearers of the light. By virtue of that we shall stand out and be separated from the rest of the world. When we are separated from the world, truly separated from the world, our true identity is established in the eyes of men. When the eyes of men are turned on the children of God with wickedness in their hearts then God begins to raise up a standard in His children. He will not allow this flood of evil to drown us, He will raise us up to higher ground. He will draw us deeper into His heart. He will be with us as we pass through these turbulent waters and the waters shall not overcome us. He will be with us as we walk through the fires and the fires shall not consume us, no, quite the opposite, it will merely burn away the chaff, the flesh that lies within us and make us to shine greater than we have ever shone before. We will be a witness and then the end shall come.

5 Responses to “The rising tide of discontent-the unveiling of who we are.”

  1. So true, and yet so easy to forget. There was a time in history where the Roman Catholic Jesuits slaughtered those that opposed the Pope and that particular religion in earnest. Now in these supposedly different times we see a much more subtle Catholicism that has substituted outright killing for their New Evangelization Program which encourages those who once protested (Protestants) back to Mother Rome- and its working. This hardly differs from those who also gave up fighting our country head on and infiltrated their socialistic and Marxist ideologies into our colleges. As one once said concerning such changes, “The narcotic is no less deadly.”

    Take away the simple things mankind thinks he needs for life and living and the beast within every man will arise in short order. This truth will only become more evident as those in worldly authority tighten the grip upon people and restrict their liberties.

    On another note, clicking on my link in the left column where my comments are posted leads to a page which is not mine. Not sure why that is. My actual internet site is thechurchunderground.net and my blog is amongtheforgotten.wordpress.com

    • appolus said

      Amen, The one world church is not too far away and will be led by the harlot of Rome. So much blindness among evangelicals when it comes to this. Yet we know that true unity is coming to the Body of Christ and therefore there must be a counterfeit. The great whore church of the end times will be that counterfeit………………..bro Frank

  2. KMH said

    Have you had a vision of this Brother?
    I ask because many seem to be having this same vision these days.
    Also scriptures such as Isaiah 60:1 Arise and shine…, 2 Peter 1:19 – morningstar arises in your heart…point to this happening.
    I do believe we are in the last days. Isreal turns 70 soon.
    Thank you for your posts. They are good food during these days of sugars and fillers.

    • appolus said

      Yes, not only one vision sister but many over the last decade. The greater vision though is the exploits of the saints in the midst of persecution……………bro Frank

  3. Lionel said

    ‘In Britain the established political parties were abandoned in favour of rebellion.’

    As a British Christian of Jewish origins, may I comment on that statement. The EU was founded on a lie, with the full co-operation of the American administration of the time. British membership was achieved by Prime Minister Edward Heath in 1972 by a monstrous deception of both Parliament and the British people. All this is documented and is in the public domain.

    Since 1972 we have been inveigled into further deceptions by the truck load. The EU is an overbearing, Godless and despotic tyranny serving only the purposes of founder member Germany.

    Christians in the EU have been progressively marginalised, and today we are oppressed. If we speak of our Saviour in public we face arrest and trial. We may wear no emblem of our faith and it has been reported cars bearing the fish emblem have been stoned and set on fire.

    If the British people, in merely voting to remove ourselves from the yoke of this tyrannical regime, are in rebellion, then the Exodus must be seen in the same skewed light.

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