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Prophecy from 1965

Posted by appolus on March 17, 2012

Time and again the Lord has laid it upon my heart that there is a revival coming, but perhaps a better word for this revival would be a ” preparation.” I believe and have shared many times that I believe the Lord is gathering His people together, separating them and taking them through a desert experience. At the end of this desert experience I believe we will come out with a living word for the world, just as John the Baptist came out of the desert and proclaimed ” Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world!, ” we will come out and proclaim, with power, the imminent return of the Lord and we will call a world, under conviction, to ” Cast away from you all the transgressions which you have committed and get yourself a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die O house of Israel. For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies says the Lord God.THEREFORE TURN AND LIVE!(Eze 18:31-32)This message we will present to Christendom-Frank McEleny- The prophecy below is from Stanley Frodsham…….

“When I visit My people in mighty revival power, it is to prepare them for the darkness ahead. With the glory shall come great darkness, for the glory is to prepare My people for the darkness. I will enable My people to go through because of the visitation of My Spirit. Take& heed to yourselves lest you be puffed up and think that you have arrived. Many shall be puffed up as in the olden days, for many then received My message but they continued not in it. Did I not anoint Jehu? Yet the things I desired were not accomplished in his life. Listen to the messengers, but do not hold men’s persons in admiration. For many whom I shall anoint mightily, with signs and miracles, shall be lifted up and shall fall away by the wayside. I do not do this willingly; I have made provision that they might stand. I call many into this ministry and equip them; but remember that many shall fall. They shall be like bright lights and people shall delight in them. But they shall be taken over by deceiving spirits and shall lead many of My people away.

“Hearken diligently concerning these things, for in the last days will come seducing spirits that shall turn many of My anointed ones away. Many shall fall through various lusts and because of sin abounding. But if you will seek Me diligently, I will put My Spirit within you. When one shall turn to the right hand or to the left you shall not turn with them, but keep your eyes wholly on the Lord. The coming days are most dangerous, difficult and dark, but there shall be a mighty outpouring of My Spirit upon many cities. My people must be diligently warned concerning the days that are ahead. Many shall turn after seducing spirits; many are already seducing My people. It is those who do righteousness that are righteous. Many cover their sins by theological words. But I warn you of seducing spirits who instruct My people in a evil way.

“Many shall come with seducing spirits and hold out lustful enticements. You will find that after I have visited My people again, the way shall become more and more narrow, and fewer shall walk therein. But be not deceived, the ways of righteousness are My ways. For though Satan comes as an angel of light, hearken not to him; for those who perform miracles and speak not righteousness are not of Me. I warn you with great intensity that I am going to judge My house and have a church without spot or wrinkle when I come. I desire to open your eyes and give you spiritual understanding, that you may not be deceived but may walk in uprightness of heart before Me, loving righteousness and hating every evil way. Look unto Me, and I will make you to perceive with eyes of the Spirit the things that lurk in darkness that are not visible to the human eye. Let me lead you in this way that you may perceive the powers of darkness and battle against them.It is not a battle against flesh and blood; for if you battle in that way, you accomplish nothing. But if you let Me take over and battle against the powers of darkness, than they are defeated, and then liberation is brought to My people.

“I warn you to search the Scriptures diligently concerning these last days. For the things that are written shall indeed be made manifest. There shall come deceivers among My people in increasing numbers who shall speak for the truth and shall gain the favor of the people. For the people shall examine the Scriptures and say, ‘What these men say is true’. Then when they have gained the hearts of the people, then and only then shall Satan enter into My people. Watch for seducers. Do you think a seducer will brandish a new heresy and flaunt it before the people? He will speak the words of righteousness and truth, and will appear as a minister of light declaring the Word. The people’s hearts shall be won. Then, when the hearts are won, they will bring out their doctrines, and the people shall be deceived. The people shall say, ‘Did he not speak thus and thus? And did we not examine it from the Word? Therefore he is a minister of righteousness. This that he has spoken we do not see in the Word, but it must be right, for the other things he spoke were true.

“Be not deceived. For the deceiver will first work to gain the hearts of many, and then shall bring forth his insidious doctrines. You cannot discern those that are of Me and those that are not of Me when they start to preach. But seek Me constantly, and then when these doctrines are brought out you shall have a witness in your heart that these are not of Me. Fear not, for I have warned you. Many will be deceived. But if you walk in holiness and uprightness before the Lord, your eyes shall be open and the Lord will protect you. If you will constantly look unto the Lord, you will know when the doctrine changes and will not be brought into it. If your heart is right I will keep you; and if you will constantly look to Me, I will uphold you.

“The minister of righteousness shall be on this wise: his life shall agree with the Word and his lips shall give forth that which is wholly true, and it will be no mixture. When the mixture appears, then you will know he is not a minister of righteousness. The deceivers speak first the truth then error, to cover their own sins which they love. Therefore, I exhort and command you to study the Scriptures relative to seducing spirits, for this is one of the great dangers of these last days.

“I desire you to firmly be established in My Word and not in the personalities of men that you will not be moved as so many shall be moved. Take heed to yourselves and follow not the seducing spirits that are already manifesting themselves. Diligently inquire of Me when you hear something that you have not seen in My Word, and do not hold people’s persons in admiration–for it is by this very method Satan will destroy many of My people.”

6 Responses to “Prophecy from 1965”

  1. Mark and Pam Proper said

    Thank the Lord for helping us have discernment in these days!brother Frank came across this teaching.Thought you might be interested,The Global Threat of Homosexuality,with Pastor Scott Lively on you tube.Peace and Love in Jesus forever!

  2. abkeyte said

    The Spirit within me agrees with this and bears witness to it. We are indeed entering into dark and dangerous days, and the way for Warriors is to remain holy and true to the Lord. We must rise above the ways of the world and walk in true holiness and keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Yet, where darkness abounds, light will abound even more. We will be beacons of light for others so they can see their way home.

    We must strictly adhere to a lifestyle of worship, and true discipleship wherein we spend time in the presence of the Lord on a daily basis. He is our strong and high tower! The enemy knows his time is short and the last great revival is nearly at hand. Be steady, arise valiant warriors! Become men of God! Praise God! God bless you and all you hold dear in the matchless name of Jesus, The Anointed One! Your brother In Christ!

  3. Barbara said

    I cried as I read this prophecy. I was just 19 when it was first given, and now I am 69. I see with my own eyes the delusion many in the body of Christ are caught up in, following personalities, lifting them high, and I beleve what I have read here. Thank you so much for this blessing to be able to read a word from the Lord that was given 50 years ago.

    • appolus said

      True words from God are timeless and Prophetic. We are certainly luvingin the days of this particular word…..bro Frank

  4. KMH said

    I believe it, Brother. But sad, if believers can be so deceived and luke warm – what of non-believers? How will they be witnessed to? Thank you for the post. I am praying as the persistent widow in Luke 18 for “legal protection from the enemy”

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