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A fatherless child

Posted by appolus on May 11, 2016

I was a fatherless child
A crushed and rebellious heart growing wild
Sinking deeper with abandon into the miry clay
Living for the moment, just living for the day

I could care less if I lived or if I died
No tears would fall from my heavy heart, even if I tried
A heart locked away and hidden behind iron bars
If you could see what He could see then you would see my scars

At the end of my road I was all used up and I was diminished
Then I heard these words of life ” oh Father it is finished.”
And light fell down from up above and the darkness fell away
The Lord had come to dwell in me and that is where He’d stay

My crushed and broken heart He healed
My eternal destiny was sealed
My sins were all forgiven on the day He set me free
He opened up the door of hell with His eternal key

My Lord and God He came to me and He has made me whole
He revived my heart and restored to me all that the locust stole
Now what the Lord has done for me, He can do for you
He can refresh the broken heart in you just like the morning dew

Lift up your eyes oh captive son
For your enemy is on the run
He has delivered you from slavery
He has broken chains and set you free

4 Responses to “A fatherless child”

  1. Becky Johnson said

    Oh! As a one-time rebel child who has come to believe (slowly and with much trepidation) in the prodigal Father’s love…this, Frank! Love it so much!

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……You have touched upon the greatest plague to ever come upon the human race of people. The plague of a fatherless home. Here in Mexico the number one problem that i am faced with is families trying to struggle along without a father figure in the home. I thank God that i had a good father for all of my life. Even though my dad was not saved until late in his life, he still instilled a moral foundation in me. I remember with great fondness me and my dad following an old coon hound through the mountians of Kentucky. A close bond was forged between me and my dad that remains even to this day. I miss my dad, but am looking forward to seeing him again on the other side of Jordan. This is why i don,t put much stock in someone saying”make America great again”. Americas problems stems from fathers abandoning their famlies , and America won,t be made great again until Americas homes are made great again. Blessings from Mexico brother Frank………..Robert

    • appolus said

      Bro Robert I think you are right on the money. How awesome that you had that relationship with your own father. Sadly I cannot say the same. One of the greatest regrets of my life is the relationship that I do not have with my father. To suffer rejection from an earthly father is a destroyer of souls. What I will say is that the relationship I found with my Heavenly Father through my Lord Jesus has been beyond what I cold ever have imagined and has restored my soul. God bless you brother…………..bro Frank

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