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Tired of living in fear

Posted by appolus on May 23, 2016

Joh 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

I grew tired of living in fear and the Lord brought up situations in my life where they had to be directly confronted. One of my major fears was going to college. Another was quitting construction, another was speaking in public, another was money matters, another was self- image, another was facing a life threatening disease, and a thousand more besides. So, choices had to be made, confront or flee. Always, confront or flee. I was never condemned by the Lord when I ran. Now, I condemned myself, but not a single time did the Lord condemn me and I finally figured out that when I ran, the situation was still waiting for me and I was simply putting of the inevitable. I would go around the mountain again until I was ready to take on the obstacle. Yet probably the single biggest factor for me was recognizing that my fear was actually sin. Every single time I was afraid, I was saying “Lord, you are not Lord of my life, the fear is ” And I recognized that I was, in fact, a slave to sin because I had not reckoned on what the Lord had said to be true.

We cannot be slaves and free men all at the same time. If the Lord has set me free, if He has come and opened up my jail cell, what was I doing still in the cell looking out through the bars at the world? Why had I not walked through the door that the Lord had opened? Was it safer for me to stay where I had become accustomed to? Even although it was a slavish miserable place, was it still preferable to me than to go beyond the horizons of what I had ever known? Yes, for many years it was. I was like the Israelites, threatened by armies or thirst or starvation, who wanted to turn back to Egypt with the rationale that at least in Egypt, at least in slavery, they could count on certain things. That was me.

And so I was like a pioneer back in the wagon trail days. I had started a journey, which by the way typically started at a town in Missouri called, of all names, Independence. I traveled through different rugged States, overcame deserts and rivers and mountains which were called anger and fears and lusts and insecurity, and I finally came to a vast ocean. I found many camps there, all up and down the coast. Different camps of Christianity. They had all found their way here because they had followed trails. And yet their destiny lay beyond the horizon of this sea called “Dependence.” It was very comfortable on the shores, yet the master called every day. “Come away with me to a place beyond what you have ever known. There are no maps, you must cast yourself upon the sea of dependence and trust me.”

I looked around and saw what was happening to these people who had set up camp. The call from the sea lessened every day and many people started drifting back to the different States they had overcame. In a mad wild moment I decided, a decision of complete abandon, life or death, to throw myself upon the sea of dependence. And that is how I have come to be where I am right now. I am still on the sea, and I have no control where I will end up. I don’t care, I only know that the Lord has always been faithful and He has been directing and guiding all the way. So the question is where are you in the journey? Are you still in the jail cell? Are you somewhere on the wagon-trail crossing mountains and valleys? Are you by the sea of dependence? These are the great questions of life for every Christians. We must face these questions and they must be answered. Will you abandon yourself completely to the will of God?

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