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Living with the prophets of Baal

Posted by appolus on October 26, 2015

Madam Guyon writes…………….I am deeply grieved that so many in this day(she lived 300 years ago, people never change)even some good people, allow themselves to be led astray by the enemy. Has not God warned us against false prophets and lying wonders of the last days? All true prophets have spoken in the name of the Lord-“Thus says the Lord.” The enemy gains great advantage because people love extraordinary manifestations, signs and wonders. I believe the inordinate love of external signs is used of the enemy to draw people away from the Word of God and from the inward way of faith.The signs that come from God encourage you to die to yourself. Manifestations that come from God will humble, quiet, and edify you. Elijah appeared alone among four hundred prophets of Baal. These prophets were all stirred up and were attracting much attention by their loud prophesyings.But when Elijah was told by the angel that  he would see the Lord in Mount Horeb, he went out and hid in a cave, and he saw the earth tremble. God was not there. Then came the whirlwind, God was not there. Then there came a gentle, little breeze. God was in the still, small voice. The only true and safe revelation is an inward revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the quiet of your spirit. ” My sheep hear My voice.”

We are living in the days of Baal and he has many prophets. The closer we get to the Lord’s return and the closer we get to the approaching storm with all of its darkness, the louder the noise becomes. It is vital saint, that you can drown out the noise of the world and its many prophets and seers. The world has them, Christendom has them and they make much noise but the Lord is in the quiet breeze. He is in the depths of your spirit. He is in His Word which has saturated your soul. Take no heed of the world but listen for the still, small voice that resides in the depths of your heart. The world has its prognosticators, turn on CNN and Fox News and listen to their “pundits/seers,” tell you what is happening and what will happen if you do not do this that or the other. On these shows you will also see politicians who also act as seers and who have their followers. All men merely chasing after the wind.

Christendom also has its prophets of Baal. They love the applause of men. They love to be admired. Their talk is almost always about miracles and money, miracles and money. They will talk to you about riches and faith as if faith itself were a thing to be worshiped and adored and sought after. They will tell you how to live your best life now and they will lead by example. While the Son of man had no where to lay His head, these prophets who worship money live in mansions bought and paid for by peddling the Word of God. They sell wisdom and faith and miracles and yet if they were truly wise they would know what their end will be for all those who make merchandise of God’s little one’s. ” Depart from me ye workers of iniquity for I never knew you.”

It is vital saints that we take refuge in the still small voice. God will speak in the stillness, He will lead and guide you in the depths of your spirit and through His Word. Saturate yourself with His Word and carve out for yourself quietness. You must get alone with God and away from the maddening crowd. Do not follow after signs and wonders let signs and wonders follow after you. The Lord Himself would attract crowds yet He almost always withdrew from them to get alone with His Father. Prophets of Baal promote themselves and chase after crowds to put on ” miracle shows,” in the crassness of their folly. The Lord did the exact opposite. When the crowd would crown Him, He would not commit Himself to them for He knew what was in the heart of such a crowd. This crown that the Lord rejected is sought after by the prophets of Baal. With this crown comes the applause of man, with the crown of thorns comes the ridicule of man. The crown of men lifts up their prophets onto an exalted platform, the crown of thorns lifts you up onto a cross. The crown of men clothes you with the finest robes, the crown of thorns strips you naked. The crown of men causes the world to love you, the crown of thorns causes men everywhere to reject you. Which crown does your prophet wear? Which crown would you wear? Choose the crown of thorns and live eternally, choose the crown of Baal and die eternally. Listen, can you hear what the Lord says? It’s in the quiet breeze.

2 Responses to “Living with the prophets of Baal”

  1. revjpbowman said

    Reblogged this on Apostolic Aphorism and commented:
    A great read from a thoughtful brother in Christ. The worship of anything or anyone other than Jesus will get us in trouble.

  2. Kathleen said

    That is a good word thank you.

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