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In the beauty of Silence

Posted by appolus on October 27, 2015

In the beauty of silence, in the psalm of His hand is about those moments in your life when you cannot switch your head off and all you want is rest for your mind. Click below to hear it and click here to see other similar videos on my new channel Psalms for Today

7 Responses to “In the beauty of Silence”

  1. Mary Jane said

    Greetings Frank

    (You shared this :It is vital saints that we take refuge in the still small voice. God will speak in the stillness, He will lead and guide you in the depths of your spirit and through His Word. Saturate yourself with His Word and carve out for yourself quietness. You must get alone with God and away from the maddening crowd. Do not follow after signs and wonders let signs and wonders follow after you. The Lord Himself would attract crowds yet He almost always withdrew from them to get alone with His Father. Prophets of Baal promote themselves and chase after crowds to put on ” miracle shows,” in the crassness of their folly. The Lord did the exact opposite. When the crowd would crown Him, He would not commit Himself to them for He knew what was in the heart of such a crowd. This crown that the Lord rejected is sought after by the prophets of Baal. With this crown comes the applause of man, with the crown of thorns comes the ridicule of man. The crown of men lifts up their prophets onto an exalted platform, the crown of thorns lifts you up onto a cross. The crown of men clothes you with the finest robes, the crown of thorns strips you naked. The crown of men causes the world to love you, the crown of thorns causes men everywhere to reject you. Which crown does your prophet wear? Which crown would you wear? Choose the crown of thorns and live eternally, choose the crown of Baal and die eternally. Listen, can you hear what the Lord says? It’s in the quiet breeze.)

    This really spoke to my heart on so many levels. I always want to be checking my heart, make sure that what I am sharing is of HIM and not about self in any way. Learning that sometimes its better to be of few words when sharing so that none of self gets in there. Its so easy to get caught up in looking for the approval of men and yet so deadly…
    Thank you again for sharing this. You are missed on SI so many good seeds GOD is given you.
    God bless

    • appolus said

      Hi Mj, good to hear from you and I am glad that those words spoke to your heart. The Holy Spirit impressed strongly upon my heart the difference between the two crowns. SI is behind me but I met some great people there, may God bless you………..bro Frank

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..I have tried and tried, but when i try to access your Psalms For The Day, all i get is a blank page…..Robert

  3. Becky Johnson said

    It worked for me. Wonderful, too, by the way. The distractions must cease. Yes.

  4. Dick Olson said

    Hi Frank– the link works ok for me. Thanks

  5. appolus said

    Thanks Dick and Becky, Robert is a missionary in southern Mexico and maybe that makes it harder to get links. Hope that other link worked for you Robert………………bro Frank

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