A Call To The Remnant

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I hear the cries of yesterday!

Posted by appolus on May 12, 2015

mountainI hear the cries of yesterday
They echo throughout my soul
They are etched upon my very face
And on my heart they have taken their toll

Deep waters, give up your children
Mighty waves, just you settle down
Howling winds that scream from the past
Cease your blowing until I can’t hear a sound

Towering mountains come down to the valley
Stars in heaven wont you light up my way?
Mighty rivers dry up to a trickle
Only then will you hear me say

Only the light can pierce the darkness
Only the Son can displace the night
Only a victor can win the battle
Only He can teach me to fight

Now I walk behind the praises of tomorrow
The Son casts His shadow behind
And the joy that is set before me
Shines down love and brings peace to my mind

The cries of yesterday are forgotten
And my heart is healed by His love
The flower in the desert is blooming
As His rain falls down from above.

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