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I am but a Flower

Posted by appolus on April 21, 2015

gardenI am but a flower
Covered by the weeds
I just want you to see me
Underneath the deeds

Oh wind of thy Spirit
Wont you blow on me
Blow with all your might
Come down and set me free

Send down fire in the rain
Set me ablaze and wash away the pain
Gaze upon me and infuse me with love
Let me gaze upon thy glory shining high above

I see your radiant glory
Burning chaff in an unfolding story
Of glory and majesty and unstoppable power
You would do it all again for a single flower

And now I see your glorious garden
As far as the eye can see
Cultivated by your sacrifice
On a cross at Calvary

2 Responses to “I am but a Flower”

  1. Tokoni O. Uti said

    Lovely piece

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