A Call To The Remnant

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Joy and Sorrow

Posted by appolus on December 18, 2014

Joy and sorrow walking hand in hand
There is laughter through the rain
And fire in the land!
Look and see the wounds that pierce my heart
Causing me to stumble and tearing me apart

I can barely imagine
There’ll be any tomorrows
And then I consider
The man of sorrows

My love has failed it’s the end of emotions
I am drowning in fears and bitter oceans
The drawbridge to my heart is being raised
Unless it is lowered there’s gonna be be dark days

I cry out to God in heaven
Come and fill my heart with love
Do not leave me in this place
Come down from up above
I wait here in the darkness all alone
For wings that I may fly unto your throne

And with these wings I learn to fly
Above the tears and pain
Drawing closer unto you
I feel your strength again
I reach my hand to heaven through the night
The darkness disappears and I am wrapped in light

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