A Call To The Remnant

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Love Unexplainable

Posted by appolus on February 6, 2014

From depths unreachable
To heights unattainable
You came from heaven to earth
With love unexplainable

From time immemorial
And places unexplorable
You came to save us from death
And a hell most deplorable

You brought joy without measure
And heavenly treasure
You came to show us the way
For your will and good pleasure

You brought freedom from captivity
And your presence into proximity
You came to show us life
And to reveal your divinity

You healed the broken-hearted
And the enemy departed
You came to give us a heart
And that’s where it started

Your breath makes life livable
And all things forgivable
The life you have given us
Is simply inexplicable

Now it’s on to eternity
No doubts nor uncertainty
Life forever with you
This will be our identity

This life extraordinary
Is the life lived passionately
From heights now attainable
And love unexplainable

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