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The dark and murky world of Melancholy

Posted by appolus on February 3, 2014

There is a very dark and murky world of Melancholy. It presents many dangers to the world at large and specific dangers to Christians and should be avoided at all costs. Now what is this world of melancholy? It’s a world of past events that exists in the minds of all humans. The more tragic the event or events are, the more deeply someone can be drawn into this world. It also can depend upon the sensitivity of the person and their over all emotional make-up , but nevertheless, it can affect everyone.

Hippocrates said that the causes of the effects of this ” world,” were due to an excess of ” black bile,”which is why we have the word ” melancholia,” meaning black bile. Of course this is not true but it is somewhat of an appropriate description, it conjures up images that are not out-of-place. Okay, two examples of the world of melancholy and why I believe it has a dangerous spiritual element. Example number one is a dear saint from Scotland whose adult son was shot and left to die in the street. This made many headlines in Scotland as we do not have a lot of guns or gun related murders. She publicly announced her forgiveness of her son’s murderer and that was a tremendous witness for the Lord. It has now been many years since that murder but she would tell you that every so often this ” feeling” comes upon her. Now this, I would argue, is the call of this world of melancholy, like the sirens of Greek mythology who lured unsuspecting sailors onto the rocks and killed them. What is this ” feeling?” Well, she is drawn into a place where she re-lives all the intense emotions that she experienced when her son was murdered and it begins to drag her down like quicksand.

Example number two is from a dear saint I know whose adult son of 30 committed suicide. The young man hung himself and the dad had to witness his son hanging on a rope in his house. Now this dear saint and his wife have leaned heavily upon the Lord and they have experienced great victory in this tragedy which could have destroyed them and I praise God for that. But the dad will tell you that every so often this ” feeling,” comes upon him and draws him back to the scene he witnessed when he found his son. It begins to drag him down. This is the same testimony of the woman whose son was murdered.

Now, one does not have to have had that level of tragedy in their lives to fall foul of this world. It can be any incident or series of incidents. It could be an act of violence one suffered or witnessed. It could be circumstances related to incidents they experienced as children. Obviously it could be for people who were molested or raped and so on. Whatever the circumstances, one is invited into this world on occasion, perhaps in times of weakness or stress? Why is the word ” invited,” important? Because one does not have to walk through the door when the welcome comes. It is within one’s power to reject it. Now often times people actually go looking for it. They deliberately focus their minds on a time of great tragedy in their lives and they do it for many reasons. Think about method acting, where one draws from a painful experience from their past to illicit certain feelings in the here and now. Think about song writers and poets, they often deliberately enter this murky world to re-engage feelings so that they can record these in their songs or poems.That is why so many people from vastly different back-grounds can connect to a certain poem or song because it brings back to mind the feelings they once felt about a certain situation.

Another group of people who go into this world are those who find it difficult or impossible to feel any emotions at all, probably due to the events that would identify them as candidates to be tempted in the first place. Many people would rather feel something, even if it is negative, than nothing at all. Now the dangers are bad enough if you are sober, but when alcohol or drugs are part of this experience it can often be fatal.

And so, the dangers and the spiritual aspect of this? First of all it takes place in the realms of the ” soulish.” Make no mistake about it, this place of melancholy is real and it’s purpose is to destroy the life of the person that it is attacking. In that world there are any number of demonic influences. The deeper you go into this world, the harder it is to pull our of it. It will manifest itself in all the various forms of depression. If one drinks or uses drugs the lure and effect of the melancholy world will only increase the need to take more and more, a classic vicious circle. I believe this to be one reason why we see so many actors and musicians die from suicide or drug overdose. Every time this world is indulged, for that is what it is, an indulgence, it is harder and harder to pull out of it. Self pity is the key that opens the door to this world.

Prayer and the word of God is the answer to this problem. If you suspect a Christian brother or sister is suffering from this, it must be confronted by prayer and authority. Greater is He that is within us than any spiritual entity that exists anywhere. Just as one voluntarily goes into this world, one must decide to come out of it or once recognized, not go there again for then it is sin-full and dangerous . If the person is not a Christian, then one has to confront the reality of the situation by prayer. Just as the demoniacally possessed can be dis-possessed , then so to can those trapped in this world be brought out of it. We must bear in mind though that if one is not a Christian and is delivered from that place by the power of prayer to God, then there is great danger of them returning to it if they are not born again. This danger also exists for disobedient children of God who would indulge themselves in this world once it has been revealed to them.

Pray saints, pray for those who you know, or ask for prayer if you yourself suffer from entering into this world. One of the reasons Jesus came was to heal the broken-hearted and set at liberty the captives. The dangers and captivity of this place of melancholy are very real . The people who visit or inhabit this world are the broken-hearted. It is a great joy to know the one who can set them free and heal them and deliver them from that which has broken them in the first place and brought them into captivity.

9 Responses to “The dark and murky world of Melancholy”

  1. suez62 said

    Dear Brother in Christ.  Thank you for this article.  I don’t know if this is what I been suffering or not, but I have been suffering from something.  I am a strong Christian, and love the Lord with all my heart and Soul.  I used to be pre-trib, but the Lord himself showed me my error in that, by his word. A couple years ago, I was struck with great tiredness. I already had extreme fatigue and fybromyligia, but this was different. I let it go for several months and gained a lot of weight, as I felt like doing nothing and mostly sat in my recliner and watched TV. Turned out to be a bad thyroid condition, which I’m still being treated for. I’m not feeling a bit better, so day after day, I pray to feel better, to get motivated, and to get some um-mph back in my life. I do the necessities, like dishes, laundry, cooking for my hubby, but even for those things I have to force myself. I used to like going places, I know find myself just wanting to stay home in my recliner, as I have such a lack of energy. I am lonely…not in a church, due to the new age churches in my area, word of Faith and the other not being in the King James bible.  I have two good christian friends who are both suffering with sickness and can’t get out much. I try to fellowship on line, but get depressed because if I state my belief’s in some scriptures that I feel God has spoke to me about, they attack me, saying that isn’t true, then I wonder if I can be wrong????  I want only to know the truth of God’s word, and don’t go by a man, but when I think I have gotten it, I’m attacked and then start doubting. I try not to be depressed, as I am thankful for many things God had done for me and blessed me with. I try and Analise myself to see if i am lazy.  I have never been lazy. I used to work hard on the acreage here as I raised horses, baled hay and other things with my husband. Now I don’t even go out with the horses. I’ve lost all interest! I don’t understand it.  My mind is foggy and in a lull even as I sit and write to you. I can sometimes get tears in my eyes for compassion for others.  But most of the time, I just feel blank and empty inside. I was saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost 40 years ago. Now people tell me speaking in tongues is not of God, or it ended when the disciples died? God has done great miracles in our lives, so what am I suppose to believe, it’s was the devil?  I am so confused and have such heartache about that.. I just can’t seem to get out of the rut I am in, and I really don’t have anyone to talk to about it.  Please pray for me, and if you can help, please don’t hesitate to tell me like it is…LOL  Yours in Christ, sue

    • appolus said

      HI sister, I recently wrote a piece about David when he seemed to have lost everything, when he returned to Ziklag and the place was burned down and the woman and children taken and even his men turned on him. It is said in Scriptures that they wept until they had no more strength to weep. A few sentences later David encouraged himself in the Lord , got up and went after what he had lost. Sister I would encourage you to do just that. If the other sisters find it hard to get out, you get out and see them where they live, face to face. Much of what happens online is really not good and should not be relied upon for any kind of fellowship. I have two or three men here locally that I have breakfast with frequently and a few other men that I fellowship with over the phone. There is strength in fellowship and it starts with fellowshiping with the Lord Himself. There is strength in worship, for the Lord says that He inhabits the praises of His people. There is no strength in debating doctrines with folks who have made up their minds on issues. There is great strength in sharing with others and the unsaved. David ended up in a cave, a dark place , a couple of times in his life. It starts of as a place of refuge and at some point becomes a prison. David declares that he was going to ” awaken the dawn,” and sing the praises of God to the nations. He could not do that from a cave, you cannot even see the dawn in a cave, he had to come out of the cave, much like another prophet who ended up in a cave and God comes and asks him what he is doing in there. Here is what is true, if you do the same tomorrow as you did today, tomorrow is guaranteed to be the same as today, does that make sense? Even although it is now going to seem hard sister, you need to get up and get out of that comfort zone you have created around you. Start with the horses, get out to see those friends. I dont have to tell you sister that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Often times we fall down as Christians in our walk and get a wee bit lost along the way, but we are compelled to get up and I believe the Lord , this day , would encourage you to get up and simply walk with Him. Forget about trib or pre trib or folks who do not believe in the gifts of the Spirit, you know it to be true and that is good enough. The essence of our walk is just that, our walk with Him. Get that properly in place and the rest will begin to fall into place. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God sister, walk in that, walk in your calling, and the most basic part of your calling is to simply walk with and worship the Lord. Do you remember the early days of your relationship with Jesus, do you remember how simple love is? This has not changed sister. I want you to get up and get out tomorrow, it does not mater where you go, you just ask the Lord to be with you and and go before you and to strengthen you. I will be praying for you sister but I want to hear a testimony from you of what you did when you got up and got out 🙂 ……………bro Frank

  2. suez62 said

    Thanks for not replying…:-(

  3. appolus said

    Sue, I replied the very same day you posted your comment, it is right here, cant you see it? …………..bro Frank

  4. suez62 said

    I see that now that I can get here!!! LOL So sorry. I thought it would come back by email. Thank you for your answer, it blessed me because I always like that story about David encouraged himself. Bless you brother…:)

  5. Le said

    Right on word, Holy Ghost led me straight to this blog tonight. Now i know it was the devil leading me to google the 1980’s, then click on images. Just doing that left me sorta depressed and not sure why. all the images of that era brought back a flood of memories i really didnt what to remember. I have this page saved on my favorites. now every time i get tempted to look back in time, im just gonna click on this page instead.
    thank you.

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