A Call To The Remnant

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I Give to thee my All

Posted by appolus on February 1, 2014


Show me Lord the cross
Where thou did suffer loss
Walk me through the fire Lord
And burn up all the dross

I give to thee my all
I hear you when you call
Stretch forth thy hands and catch me Lord
Catch me lest I fall

I’ve come to seek thy face
And daily run the race
Come forth my Lord and show to me
Thy mercy and thy grace

I long to see thee more
Living waters through me pour
Stand forth oh Lord in front of me
So I may worship and adore

Overwhelm me with desire
Lead me through refining fire
Come now oh Lord and take my hand
And lead me ever higher

Ever higher my great desire is to come to where you are
My King, my Lord, my everything, my bright and morning star.

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