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Are you willing to pay the price?

Posted by appolus on September 11, 2013

Below is a word from a dear sister in Christ…………….

Has anyone else experienced a terrible onslaught from the enemy lately, even over the past 4 years or more? It has been very difficult for my husband and I. sometimes it seems like we are going backwards and not forwards anymore, this is quite alarming. Yet when I am feeling despair about the situations we are in, the Lord shows us that He is actually working out refinement, pruning and forming the Character of Christ in us. We were quite surprised to find out that it was through trials and testings that the character of Christ is formed.

I remember recently in prayer I said, “Lord I come to buy gold refined by the fire!” and I clearly heard His reply, “Are you willing to pay the cost?” I knew what that meant, death to self, the cross. When someone is worshiping and in the presence of the Lord, it’s easy to say Lord I come to the cross. But when we truly have to face the cross, part of us doesn’t want to go through that long drawn out process.Well at least it’s been long and drawn out for me. If you figured out a way to get it done quickly let me know, lol.

But the way of the Cross is the way that every child of God MUST GO!!!! There is no other way around it. And it’s a lonely place too, most people around you will ridicule you and think you’re “out to lunch”, only those who are hanging on their cross can relate to what you’re going through. Am I a happy camper on the cross, NO of course not, but I’d prefer the cross to the alternative, dying spiritually. I’d rather submit to the pruning of the Father than become a branch that is unfruitful and have to be cut off and burned with the hypocrites.

YES God is going to pour out His Spirit on His church again, but only for those who have “Prepared the way of the Lord” in their lives, getting rid of, or rather allowing the Lord to get rid of those things that are an offense towards the Lord. For those in His church who do not prepare themselves it will be a day of judgment like nothing they can even imagine. But for those who have submitted to the work of the Cross in their lives, who willingly went to it and submitted their will and their lives to it’s work, they will be ready to receive, they will have emptied themselves of everything that they are so that they can be filled with everything that He is.

And there will be no more names being proclaimed, except the ONE name that is above every other name, Jesus Christ and He will truly be their Lord. Time is very short now, and some will turn away because it will be too hard, they will stop short of the high call because of the great difficulties that they must face and overcome, I am a weary traveler, a lonely sojourner, and can understand that danger. Although I have not given up the fight, but I have learned that it’s not on my own strength, I found out, that I actually can do NOTHING apart from Him. For those who choose to continue to follow Christ even if it’s to the cross, they will receive their reward for not giving up, but persevering to the end. In Daniel it says that in these end times the antichrist will overpower the church, and some will even fall, but it will be for their refinement, and God has promised to give us a little help.

If godly people from the past who were not worthy of this world, experienced such terrible hardship, why do we think that we will be exempt? Life is not going to get easier, but harder. Are you willing to go all the way with the Lord, or just as far as your comfort is in danger? Jesus warns many will fall away because of the Cares of the Word and He says that some will be offended in Him. Yet it’s not all bad!!! It’s awesome, because for those who have insight (truly knowing their God) will lead MANY to the truth (to salvation) and they will shine like the stars. So when you face the hardships ahead, keep your eyes on Jesus, embrace the cross that will bring about the death to your will, yet it will also bring you forth into life, as you are surrendered to the Will of God and are a vessel fit for good use in the Father’s hand. God bless you all and may we all be ready when the Lord returns!

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