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Our journey in the desert

Posted by appolus on August 3, 2013

Hi saints, I have been writing a lot about the desert recently. The Lord has been inspiring me to write about the desert and about abundant life, overflowing rivers, rivers that rise up and out of their banks. It seems that these are two entirely different subjects but in actual fact, they are one in the same. Now, the desert life certainly applies to every genuine saint and always has done. If we think about Romans 6,7 and 8 we can certainly see the walk of the saint down through the ages. Romans 6 would be about coming out of the world, leaving Egypt behind and passing through the sea. Romans 7 would then be our journey through the wilderness, through the desert where we learn that our own efforts only lead to death. And Romans 8 we see victory in crossing the Jordan into the promised land, an entering into rest.

Yet I now believe we are witnessing something very unique in our day. Not only is there a personal desert that all saints must be tested in, there is also a corporate desert for the Church of the end of ages. I believe that all of Christendom has entered into a corporate desert. This is a final place of testing prior to the Bridegrooms return. This is a valley of decision, a time to count the cost. Shall we move forward? I believe that this place of corporate testing will separate the true Church from that which calls itself the church. Now in the Scriptures we know that a promise was made to Abraham, that he would father a child and that child would represent the seed that would bless all nations.

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