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Our journey in the desert

Posted by appolus on August 3, 2013

Hi saints, I have been writing a lot about the desert recently. The Lord has been inspiring me to write about the desert and about abundant life, overflowing rivers, rivers that rise up and out of their banks. It seems that these are two entirely different subjects but in actual fact, they are one in the same. Now, the desert life certainly applies to every genuine saint and always has done. If we think about Romans 6,7 and 8 we can certainly see the walk of the saint down through the ages. Romans 6 would be about coming out of the world, leaving Egypt behind and passing through the sea. Romans 7 would then be our journey through the wilderness, through the desert where we learn that our own efforts only lead to death. And Romans 8 we see victory in crossing the Jordan into the promised land, an entering into rest.

Yet I now believe we are witnessing something very unique in our day. Not only is there a personal desert that all saints must be tested in, there is also a corporate desert for the Church of the end of ages. I believe that all of Christendom has entered into a corporate desert. This is a final place of testing prior to the Bridegrooms return. This is a valley of decision, a time to count the cost. Shall we move forward? I believe that this place of corporate testing will separate the true Church from that which calls itself the church. Now in the Scriptures we know that a promise was made to Abraham, that he would father a child and that child would represent the seed that would bless all nations.

Yet, as time passed and the promise did not seem to be forthcoming, in their own wisdom, Abraham fathered a child by the slave Hagar and Ishmael was born. This seemed to make sense, because how could life spring forth from barrenness? Could a dead womb of an aging woman produce life? Can a valley of dead bones live? Can there be an abundant life in the wilderness? Can Lazarus arise from the grave? Is not God always doubted? Is not that always the test? How can we live when our backs are to the sea and the mightiest army in the world bears down upon us? God always brings His people to this point of testing. And now in the end of ages we will face the same test. When all around us seems to have fallen into perpetual desolation, will God find faith on the earth?

Now we know that in the desert there was spies sent into the promised land, twelve of them. And we also know that only two gave a good report, Joshua and Caleb. The other ten had eyes that could only see giants that could not be overcome. Now, whose report did the people believe? Would they believe God and take a hold of His promises and trust in Him and be obedient or would they choose to wander in a wilderness and fall into disobedience and grumbling and complaining and eventually all die in the desert, all but two. Can I suggest that Gods remnant children choose to believe the report of the Lord? Rather than fear giants, they fear their God and they trust in Him. In fact, they have the same indignation that David had in his heart when a giant swaggered around a battle-field blaspheming God, not only will they not fear the giant, they will run to the battle because the Spirit of God goes before them and burns in the center of their hearts.

Now Hagar and Ishmael represent the illegitimate. There is a mixing of slave and free, a joining of the church and the world. With the presence of God withdrawn from the church, will the church get on their knees and seek God where and when He can be found? Or, will they seek to try to reproduce the presence of God in the soulish realm and call it the anointing? For those who will continue to seek God in the barren places, despite being surrounded by desert and disbelief , they will eventually cross the river into the promised land, into a place of rest. Brothers and sisters, there is life and victory to be found in the barren places. Life will spring forth from what apparently seems to be barren. While the rest of Christendom seeks to find life with Hagar and this unbelief gives birth to illegitimacy, you stay the course and know that God will move. For the God that placed the stars in the heavens will bring forth life out of the barrenness of your situation. The same God that brought life to Lazarus and opened up the sea before His children will do the same for His remnant children.

There must be a separation from Hagar and Ishmael. Ishmael and Isaac cannot dwell together. One is the promise and the other is the result of fleshly pursuits and a mixing of bondage and freedom. God will have His people, He will have His Bride and she will be a Bride that is faithful and true. He is coming for a Bride that believes in Him and seeks after Him with her whole heart. He is not coming for a Bride that rises up and plays when the Master is gone and makes an idol out of the treasures of this world. He is coming for a Bride who believes, who obeys, who quietens herself so that she can hear the Bride-grooms voice. There is a hush over God’s legitimate children right now. They are listening for the small still voice. They are diligently seeking His face despite their circumstances. Yes they see the giants, but the same Spirit that dwelt in Joshua and Caleb, that dwelt in David, that dwelt in the Hebrew Children, that dwelt in the hero’s of the faith of Hebrews 11, that dwelt in the martyrs down through the ages, dwells in them.

In the rest of Christendom there is a great noise. Somehow they believe that there is anointing in volume, there is no anointing in volume. There is desperation in volume, there is distraction in volume. There is a stirring of the soul in volume. Yet none of that moves God. God is wearied at the noise that He hears. There is a rushing to the “altar” , as if by their speed of motion they can stir up the anointing of God or prove their desire to come to God. Yet they run to an idol’s altar where they seek to gain. Yes they run to their god, but his name is Baal. God is nor presumptuously ” rushed towards. God is found by those who search Him with their whole hearts and who bring sacrifice to Him, the sacrifice of humility and brokenness, a sacrifice of all that they desire that is not God. All of Abraham’s life was tied up in Isaac yet he takes him up the hill and prepares to sacrifice him so that he may be obedient to the word of God. Is that your heart today? Are you willing to lay it all down in order to come to Him? This is the heart of God’s remnant children in the desert.

6 Responses to “Our journey in the desert”

  1. “In the rest of Christendom there is a great noise. Somehow they believe that there is anointing in volume, there is no anointing in volume. There is desperation in volume, there is distraction in volume. There is a stirring of the soul in volume. Yet none of that moves God. God is wearied at the noise that He hears.” Very true dear brother. May He find the genuine humble heart of saints who consider Him precious.

  2. Rob said

    Can you tell me what this great noise looks and sounds like? I am wondering if in part you are referring to modern worship music with lots of guitars and anthamic themes? For some time now I have enjoyed such music and have certainly felt moved by it. Now I find myself wandering in the desert (came across this site a few months ago and was relived to find my experience was not unique!) and I am now questioning it all – especially after reading an article my Art Katz and Watchman Nee warning of the ‘soulish’.

    • appolus said

      Yes Rob, certainly modern worship is part of what I am referring too. Its kinda like Chinese food, seems to fill a hungry stomach but one is hungry again almost right away. This shrill noise of music that directs and moves people, the beat being increased as the people seemed to be moved is merely a reflection of the power of any music and not the presence nor the worship of God. It is God’s presence that moves us in the realm of the spirit. Worldly music, including almost all of what passes for worship today, moves in the realm of the soul. The soul is immense and can never be filled with anything apart from God, everything else will leave you wanting. We need to encounter something bigger than all that exists, and only God, and God alone can do that. So, why does the modern church settle for something less than God and choose to stay within the realms of the soul? It does not want to sacrifice to come into the holy of Holies. It is the Cain spirit. They will give the product of their own efforts and count this as sacrifice but God will have none of it. It remains outisde in the court of the gentiles, so close, but yet so far away. God dwells in a high and lofty place but He beckons to us to come, He beckons to the humble and the contrite and they come to where He is and they dwell there. Only that which is of the kingdom can enter in, only that which is of eternal value can come into this place, all that is earthly and sensual cannot enter, all that focuses on our best life now, with a greedy and grasping heart that has eyes that can only see the mortal can never come into a place that is immortal. If our focus is on the finite then we can never see the infinite. Our focus must be on God alone, He is our exceeding great reward, we must see our lives in the context of who we are in Him or we can never see Him, can never come into that place………….bro Frank

      • Rob said

        Thanks Frank,… minutes after posting my question, your new post ‘A great noise in Christendom Time for silence’ arrived on my computer with the answer! So much of what you say finds the Amen in my heart, especially so in the last month in regard to being quiet before the Lord and withdrawing from all the busyness of the world (and christendom!)

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