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A message to the end time saints.

Posted by appolus on July 29, 2013

Hi saints, here is a link http://media.sermonindex.net/24/SID25004.mp3 to a sermon on what it means to Gods remnant saints to walk in the power of unity and in His presence. The unity of God’s people in the end days will be a fulfillment of the high Priestly prayer of Jesus in John 17.

6 Responses to “A message to the end time saints.”

  1. Living Walk said

    Thank you my brother. A timely message indeed. Where can I find all of the messages from the OK meetings?

  2. Allan Halton said

    I was greatly blessed by this message, Frank. Let us all continue to seek, with unveiled face, to behold– and reflect– the glory of the Lord.

    • appolus said

      Amen brother, this is the express wish of Jesus, that we would be with iIm where He is so that we may behold His glory…………..bro Frank

  3. Brian s bedard said

    Hey brother, im getting off facebook and i want to keep hearing your posts and sermons and was wondering if you have a website. blessings in Christ

    • appolus said

      This is my website that you are on Brian 🙂 The link from Facebook took you here. If you go up top and click home it will take you to the latest post and on the right hand side you will see 12 years of posts, over 1600 of them. There is also a search box. Put in any word or phrase, like “justice,” or “grace,” and any of my posts that are on that subject will come up. Hope that was helpful…………..bro Frank

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