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Living in a mud hole

Posted by appolus on May 14, 2013

It was not that long ago that I saw a documentary on a certain part of Africa. For 10 long months it sees no rain. First the mighty river dries up and then it becomes pools, and then the pools slowly shrink until it is nothing more than mud-holes. In this particular documentary, it showed a giant crocodile that had taken up residence right in the middle of the mud-hole. Yet despite its presence, deer and other animals risked their very lives in order to partake in the last of the water.

A very few animals went on a long migration looking for water, many died, some found water. Yet almost all the animals that were indigenous to this geographic location, died before the rains came. Animals that in normal circumstances would never come within 100 yards of a crocodile, came right up beside him in a desperate attempt to get some satisfaction, relief, from this drying mud-hole. When God withdraws the rain of His presence from His church we see many strange things.

Let us pray to our faithful Lord that the He will send the rain to a people who have learned not to take for granted His presence, and are focused on nothing else. What was very clear from the documentary was that the animals knew that this was life or death. The tragedy for many in the church is that they can live a life, devoid of His presence, and not even know that they are dying.

If you have spent your whole life sucking on mud, barely surviving on the moisture that comes from a mud-hole, getting filthy and dangerously close to being consumed by the world, what a tragedy for a generation of people to have been raised in the dry season who have never known what it is to see the river of life that flows from the throne, let alone step into it and be taken by its current at the deepest part.To try and operate in this world as a church without the Holy Spirit and the presence of the living God is to be reliant upon a mud-hole. Some vestige of some by- gone days where once the river flowed. Talk of past victories but no present life. Living on memories and manna from the day before. Yet manna is to be gathered fresh every day.

5 Responses to “Living in a mud hole”

  1. abkeyte said

    Whew! You hit the nail on the head here! How vital and precious is the presence of the Lord! How do we enter in? Through praise and worship of course; but, it has to be sincere and heartfelt. Never forget, our God knows us better than we know ourselves. This is exactly how the Lord speaks to me too. I’ll see something, and His thoughts flood my conscience mind and overwhelm my senses. We all need to enter the river of His Spirit, the river of life itself and abandon ourselves to its flow. Ezekiel 47 is for us! So, is John 7:37-38:

    In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

    We need to become part of the river of life, the river of the Spirit. Father, please open the eyes of those who are adrift in mud! Open their eyes oh Lord that they might see and understand all you have for them if they will let go. Help us Father and please don’t leave us to our enemies to sift. Dear Holy Spirit, come and kindle the hearts of those you know will draw in and surrender all. Stoke a fire that will not be quenched, a fire that will not be subdued and a fire that will not relent until it catches hold of the hem of Jesus! Oh Father, we adore you! We bless you and praise your mighty name! Thank you for my brother! Thank you for his witness! Bless him and all he loves beyond measure, packed down shaken about and overflowing in the precious name of Jesus with great and unmerited favor and grace! Bless him coming and bless him going! Bless everything he sets his hand to – simply because he adores you! In the name of Jesus I pray; amen!

  2. Kris said

    “The tragedy for many in the church is that they can live a life, devoid of His presence, and not even know that they are dying.” I’m not sure the Spirit lets that happens but it sure seems to be that way sometimes. I think more likely that the conscience hardens at some point, by refusing to hear what it is being told -or- it is a matter of where one is in their sanctification.. At any rate, a Christian by definition can never be devoid of the presence of the Spirit, grieving it yes, devoid of it, no. I thank God that He does not abandon us even in such times. Great post!

    • appolus said

      HI Kris, I agree with your comment on the fact that the Lord never leaves nor forsakes His people. The reality is that God is everywhere and on this we would agree. A further reality is that there is undoubtedly a ” felt,” presence or a ” manifest presence,” which one can lose. Consider those who have ” left their first love.” Or consider the state of David as he drifted away and became an adulterer and then a murderer and only turned around at the calling out of the prophet. He later begs God not to take His Spirit away from Him and wants to create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within himself. So, can a genuine Christian be forsaken in the sense that God has left Him? No. Can a genuine Christian walk a powerless life, devoid of the felt presence of God? Yes. Is there a generation of luke- warm Christians reared in a generation of shallow Christianity? Yes. Is God still actively working, reaching out and speaking to such a generation ? Yes, for indeed in He cries out in Rev 3 that He is standing at the door and knocking, He is seeking entry into the intimate places of our hearts. Is there many churches that are devoid of the presence of God so that people are just going through the motions, religious social clubs if you like? Indeed there are. So, it is a multi-faceted situation that we find ourselves in. God bless you Kris……………..bro Frank

  3. david said


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