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Living in a mud hole

Posted by appolus on May 14, 2013

It was not that long ago that I saw a documentary on a certain part of Africa. For 10 long months it sees no rain. First the mighty river dries up and then it becomes pools, and then the pools slowly shrink until it is nothing more than mud-holes. In this particular documentary, it showed a giant crocodile that had taken up residence right in the middle of the mud-hole. Yet despite its presence, deer and other animals risked their very lives in order to partake in the last of the water.

A very few animals went on a long migration looking for water, many died, some found water. Yet almost all the animals that were indigenous to this geographic location, died before the rains came. Animals that in normal circumstances would never come within 100 yards of a crocodile, came right up beside him in a desperate attempt to get some satisfaction, relief, from this drying mud-hole. When God withdraws the rain of His presence from His church we see many strange things.

Let us pray to our faithful Lord that the He will send the rain to a people who have learned not to take for granted His presence, and are focused on nothing else. What was very clear from the documentary was that the animals knew that this was life or death. The tragedy for many in the church is that they can live a life, devoid of His presence, and not even know that they are dying.

If you have spent your whole life sucking on mud, barely surviving on the moisture that comes from a mud-hole, getting filthy and dangerously close to being consumed by the world, what a tragedy for a generation of people to have been raised in the dry season who have never known what it is to see the river of life that flows from the throne, let alone step into it and be taken by its current at the deepest part.To try and operate in this world as a church without the Holy Spirit and the presence of the living God is to be reliant upon a mud-hole. Some vestige of some by- gone days where once the river flowed. Talk of past victories but no present life. Living on memories and manna from the day before. Yet manna is to be gathered fresh every day.

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