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How will revival come to the Saints?

Posted by appolus on May 24, 2013

The depths of the presence of God in meetings lies in the cross of Calvary. We must catch a vision of Calvary, a revelation, an illumination of what the Lord did, and this must come by the Holy Spirit. Only then can we truly have an ” outpouring,’ or a ” revival,” of meaningful depth which changes a man to his core and brings to life half dead Christians and those who have left their first love. I believe that we are headed towards such a thing. It is only by the true revelation of Jesus, a genuine manifestation of who He is, that the world gets a chance to accept or reject Him. Lets consider what happened in a broad overview of the life of Jesus and bear in mind that this is a type. Jesus turned the water into wine, He taught, He revealed teachings from heaven itself when He taught on the mount. Men tried to make Him their King, He rejected that and would not commit to them because He knew what ” was in man.” Again they tried to make Him their King, waving palm leaves. Again Jesus withdraws. In John 6, the majority reject who He is and go away. In the garden we see Peter reject Jesus for who He is and deny Him. Then we see the crowd, of Jewish people and their leaders, who represent the world, reject Jesus outright and choose Barabas , a freedom fighter, a man willing to fight and kill for freedom. They cry out that they have no King but Caesar and that they would have Jesus’ blood upon their heads and their children’s heads.

Now, how will we see this play out again? When Jesus reveals Himself in the last days saints, saints willing to take up their crosses and die, this will be totally rejected by the majority. The majority want leaders who will teach them how to pursue happiness and freedom in this life. They believe this is their right. They want to know how to live their best lives now. They, like the Jewish people, have no desire to follow a God that would have them die. Oh, they will follow men who will promise them miracles and blessings and riches and prosperity, but they will totally reject the God that calls them to lay down their lives, to leave their riches behind. In order for clarity, the Lord must raise up such a group of saints in this generation, in these last days. The choice will lie before men, follow the Lord to Calvary and beyond, or follow the man or men who will lead them to a better life now in this world. That is why in classic revivals of the past, the focus was never on miracles and healing’s.

The focus was on the centrality of Jesus, and Him crucified and resurrected. We do not hear men in revivals of the past cry out “is there a healing for me, is there a miracle for me, is there a better life for me.” we hear them cry out ” is there mercy for me, is there mercy for me.” And praise God, by a revelation of Jesus and what He did and who He is, they find out that there is indeed mercy at the cross to be found. There is life to be found, and that more abundantly, in the Christ who can wash us clean of our sins. There is such great love to be found in the revelation of Calvary. We find out in that revelation, just how much God loves us. This is what transforms men and makes them to shine like gold , treasure indeed to an impoverished generation. Is there such a move coming? Yes praise Jesus I believe with all of my heart that this move is almost upon us because the Lord is coming and He is coming soon and the birth-pangs happening even now.

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