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A city set on a hill!

Posted by appolus on March 8, 2013

As I was praying one time I caught a vision of tall trees. It began to occur to me that trees soak up the carbon dioxide that we as humans breathe out, and in turn the trees turn this poison into life giving oxygen.The Body of Christ is the trees of the world. We take upon us the offenses of the world, the hatred , the bitterness , the false accusation and we do this all in our every day lives, whether it is with co-workers or family and friends or even brothers and sisters in Christ. We are called to this brothers and sisters.Do you have the grace and the faith but most especially the love to be able to fulfill your role? Are you cloaked in an armor of light? Jesus is the light, are you covered by Him? Are you dealing with difficult people right now? Have you been hurt and offended? Breathe deeply brothers and sisters, yes take it in and breathe out life giving love in response. You have been supernaturally created to be able to take this poison, take this toxicity and expel love and light in its place. It is our calling. When we stand before the Lord , I am fully convinced that this will be our offering to Him. For where is the reward on this earth to take the insult? Where is the pat on the back for returning love for evil? There will be no recognition, no standing ovation, but the Lord will see and what He will see is pure gold.Into the darkness of this world we shall bring our light, for we are the light bearers. The love of Jesus our Lord, the love of God the Father, poured out upon us who deserved nothing is a monumental thing. In the light of this love we have been called to love the world. Surely we love our families, our friends, yet we are called to love the unlovable.

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