A Call To The Remnant

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A letter to America from an immigrant

Posted by appolus on February 5, 2013

You welcomed me with open arms
Protected me from many harms
I found in you a warm embrace
I would find this in no other place

It did not matter, the social classes
For you invited the huddled masses
And in a world that was ruled by greed
Yours was a land to plant ones seed

America you took me in
And now my journey could begin
Born and bred in poverty
You opened doors and set me free

Free to flourish, free to love
Free to worship my God above
It mattered not my humble birth
I found in you I had some worth

In my land of birth it was established
Chains of social class to languish
At birth one’s future life was sealed
But you, a level playing field

America your greatness lies
In hearing the huddled masses cries
God honors those who honors them
Who aids the poor and not condemn

Oh sweet land of liberty
Where men came longing to be free
And found within this fabled land
A place where they could surely stand

The solid Rock of God above
Is compassion, mercy, truth and love
And all those things encompassed me
Who came from far across the sea

Oh land where mighty rivers flow
Tis time to choose how you must go
Shall truth alone be your only guide?
Or will cultural winds cast truth aside?

The ancient landmarks guide the way
Shall you break them down and rise and play?
Or turn to God with all your heart?
And stay the course and not depart

I beg you not to take this road
For sin is such a heavy load
It causes men to fall and stumble
And foundations, strong, to surely crumble

You’ll be abandoned, you’ll be alone
To sit upon a golden throne
And when the Christ appears on high
Your gold will not salvation buy

The people of this land must choose
To follow God and not confuse
Their loyalties and where they stand
Beneath your wings and within your hand

There is the narrow path that lies ahead
Follow God or yours instead
I loved you so, you shone so bright
But now you’re faltering in the night

True freedom comes from up above
It’s found within the Father’s love
To find it is to truly live
It was never ever yours to give

Humble yourself before God’s throne
Or you must journey on alone
There will be no fire in the night
The hand of God you cannot fight

For those who live within this land
The time has come to take a stand
Fires and droughts and many disasters
Come to those who try to serve two masters

It’s time to follow God alone
This path will lead you to His throne
The idols must be stripped away
If we shall stand in that evil day

For far too long you have worshiped men
Put them aside and only then
Will you have eyes that will truly see
Just who truly set us free

Lift your eyes, the storm cloud gathers
You will not be saved by your founding fathers
Nor written laws of any kind
Shall give you joy or peace of mind

In Christ alone we’ll make our stand
And in His presence hand in hand
We’ll stand together now as one
Saved by Blood and not by gun

The precious Blood of Calvary
Shed by Christ to set men free
Remnant saints from many nations
From every tribe and populations

America a land so fair
It’s time to turn to Him in prayer
Lift your eyes and lift them higher
The sun will set on your empire

Look to that which shall endure
To all that’s holy, good and pure
And He’ll protect you from many harms
And He would welcome you into His arms

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