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The presence of God and the Lordship of Jesus in meetings.

Posted by appolus on February 17, 2013

Brother Greg  Gordon asked me earlier this week to come on and speak on a national prayer call called ” prayer surge” about my burden for the presence of God and the headship of the Lord as He is allowed His rightful place in meetings. Now I have to be honest, this is a subject that when I have shared that I have never failed to alienate some folks . These couple of subjects are like a mine-field because we really do not even have a working definition of what the presence of God is. And so before I speak about the Lord having His rightful place in meetings and how that actually ties in with the presence of God, let me define the term “ presence of God,’ as I see it and as I have experienced it and what I believe the Holy Spirit would say through me. I would like to start out by reading a letter I received from one of my readers and this would perhaps illustrate one of the reasons that I am involved with Gospel fellowship meetings and other meetings seeking to bring together what I would call remnant believers. And so the lady writes to me and says ………

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