A Call To The Remnant

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To be found in Him

Posted by appolus on January 9, 2013

Just to meet you in the darkest night
Sets my soul on fire, it gives me light
To meet you on the highest peak
Is to feed my soul, tis all I seek

Whether high or whether low
Is neither here nor there
For you alone I want to know
I want to see your face so fair

Can a valley be a mountain?
A prison cell a sanctuary?
Can a man in chains and fetters
Claim to be completely free?

There is a freedom wrought by man
He fights and kills to see it done
There is a freedom wrought by God
On Calvary’s battle-field was won

So whether in the darkest night
Or transfiguration on the hill
I’ll walk by faith and not by sight
I shall not run, I shall be still

Be still when all around are crying
Stand fast when all are set to flight
Know the Lord, and in the dying
His presence overcomes the night

Darkness ends and has no power
And Christ outshines the brightest sun
He is our Rock and strong high tower
No more to fight, the battle won.

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