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Parting is such empty sorrow

Posted by appolus on November 22, 2012

Parting is such an empty sorrow
Yet there is always a sweet tomorrow
There is such a pain within my heart
When that time comes that we must part

And the minutes and hours that slipped away
Were taken for granted day by day
Until the time comes when you have to leave
And I’m left standing with my heart on my sleeve

Can there really be a sweet tomorrow?
My heart wonders as it fills with sorrow
I just never know if I will see you again
Which is why my heart feels such pain

There is an agony in long good-byes
And tears fall from swollen eyes
And in my heart you’re never far away
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say

But time and distance fogs the mind
And the best that memories do is to rewind
And think again of times gone past
And time with you that went too fast

All that counts is the here and now
And time is not defied, all must bow
To the incoming tide and perpetual waves
That inevitably leads us to our graves

So live in the now, each minute each day
Pray to the Lord to show you the way
Of a heart wide open and ready to give
Of a heart full of love always ready to forgive

Soar with the eagles, run with the bulls
Adorn your heart with incredible jewels
Of love and joy and peace of mind
Let men look to you, these things to find

Then time will simply be a means to an end
Space for all manner of fences to mend
And when we pass over and time is no more
We shall stand and gaze from eternities shore

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