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I bore you up on eagle’s wings

Posted by appolus on November 4, 2012

A word to the Lord’s children in these last days………………

I bore you up on eagles wings
And took you to my heart
When troubles are all the enemy brings
Know that we shall never part

I did not deliver you from affliction
Just to watch you drown
All of life is under my jurisdiction
And my presence is all around

Open up your eyes and see
Your God who dwells on high
I am the One who set you free
And My glory fills the earth and sky

Stand fast my child and do not falter
This fire shall not consume
You must pass through the brazen altar
Before your journey can resume

You shall pass through all the waters
You shall walk through every fire
For you’re my sons and daughters
I’ll give you wings and you’ll fly higher

High above the stormy seas
You’ll find your place it is in me
You must get down upon your knees
If you are longing to be free

The Lord says you are free indeed
Whether in the storm or fire
Keep your eyes upon the Seed
And He will surely take you higher

He’ll take you up on eagles wings
Into the Father’s heart
Into the place where angels sing
A place that quenches fiery darts

And though the world be shaken
And tried by fire and flood
We walk in blessed union
And we are covered by His Blood

And now we see that every nation
Has turned its back and walked away
And so shall face the tribulation
That comes before the judgment day

Stand fast in the Lord and be unmoved
By all of this commotion
For the saints in this day shall be approved
And known for their devotion

And in the end we’ll fly away
To where the angel sings
Rising to the throne of grace
He’ll take us there on eagles wings

5 Responses to “I bore you up on eagle’s wings”

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  2. Leslie said

    Thank you, Lord, I needed to hear this today and I know so many other weary ones do, too.
    May He bless you and yours, BrotherFrank.
    Sister Leslie

    • appolus said

      I am glad that you were blessed sister Leslie. May you walk this day in the knowledge of the Holy one, and be found in Him for in Him we have our exceeding great reward……………….bro Frank

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  4. jwtn said

    Thank you for this..for I’m ready to fly away now..Nothing in this world can now tempt me in my old age. God, send us your prophets..SOON…and your fire.

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