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To know the unknowable You

Posted by appolus on September 30, 2012

Despite the vastness of the universe, we know that the Lord holds it all in the hollow of His hand. Our minds simply cannot conceive of the vastness of our God. How can it be possible for mere humans to know God? And what is this ” knowing?” The Scriptures in Ephesians three are not saying that we can know about Him, it is saying that we can know Him and the fullness of Him. As I read Ephesian’s three I penned the song/poem below.  To know God is the most intimate of terms. The Scriptures tell us that Joseph did not ” know” Mary until after Jesus was born. Of course this was a reference to physical intimacy, which of course makes the husband and the wife ” one flesh.” This coming together is of course a sacred thing and this one flesh is a mysterious thing. Now consider the even deeper aspect of this ” knowing.” The spiritual knowing is something very mysterious.

To know and be filled with the ” fullness of God,” is a supernatural thing. There is nothing physical about it, it is above and beyond that. So one may ask this very legitimate question of all who profess to be Christians ” Do you ” know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Eph 3:19) One must ” know,” the love of Christ, not know about it ( because the scriptures say it passes knowledge) if one is to be filled with the ” fullness of God.” This is the Christian man or woman. The man or the woman who can say ” For we do not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eye-witnesses of His majesty ( 2 Pet 1:16)

To know the unknowable you
Is all I want to do
To plunge the depths of your love
Is to soar in the heavens above
Oh to know what cannot be known
It to kneel before your throne

Hallelujah Christ the King
Listen to my heart sing
Hallelujah Christ my King
Listen to my heart sing

To scale the heights of your love
Is to fly with the wings of a dove
To walk through the door of your heart
Means to never be apart
To look into your eyes
Is to fly where the eagle flies

Hallelujah Christ the King
Listen to my heart sing
Hallelujah Christ my King
Listen to my heart sing

To look into your face
Will be an eternal embrace
To see what no eyes have can see
Is to be eternally free
Oh to live in the arms of my King
Is to hear my great-full heart sing

Hallelujah Christ the King
Listen to my heart sing
Hallelujah Christ my King
Listen to my heart sing

To search the unsearchable you
Brings eternity clear into view
To discover the heavenly treasures
Is to dispel all earthly pleasures
To feast at the heavenly table
Renders me completely unable
To describe the indescribable you
And all the glorious things that you do

3 Responses to “To know the unknowable You”

  1. W.E. Smith said

    Amen my brother, amen.

    We cannot study or learn about the life, light and love of the Christ, as something external to us. Nor must we make knowing merely an end in itself, as so much of the religious world seems to do. We abide (become one with in spiritual union and expression) in Him and then we begin to know Him in an inward way, a life way. Not as the disciples knew Him as the man who cast a shadow before them on the earth, but as a partaker, an imbiber of Him. This is why experience is so vitally important; this is the reason for all of our losses, and struggles and afflictions. For the cross must reduce us, empty us, and make room for Him, that He would be “fully formed” in us. This is what Paul travailed over, not doctrine, not arguments over this or that, but that the Lord would be brought in to these saints in a deep and real way, in an ultimate way.

    He is Our savior but He must become more than that.

    He is our teacher but that is not enough.

    He is our Lord, but as an outward thing this means nothing.

    He is the Author and Finisher of Life. His Life. God Life. Eternal Life.

    And this is why He came. This is what He means. This is what distinguishes Him from the many great ones of the world.

    We can spend a thousand lifetimes looking at and studying the body and the blood, there on the plate in front of us. Only when we take and eat will we know. Will He become part of us and we part of Him.

    The bride will know the Groom, not in a religious way, but in the exquisite and glorious intimacy of union.

    “I never knew you” said the Lord to all the the many who knew Him only as something outside of them.

    May the Lord draw us into Himself as our very life and being.

    • appolus said

      Amen brother, brother, amen. A very edifying response…………..bro Frank

      • W.E. Smith said

        Bro Frank – Thank you for your heart and hard work at the weekend conference. I was able to watch brother Steve G a little and then Brian at the end. I know something of your heart for the purity of His testimony in these days, and now I know Brian’s as well. My brother, I spent the weekend very much alone, boxed in with my Lord, praying, weeping, crying out to Him, pleading a little also. The closer I get to Him, into His presence, the more I see myself, the rot and ruin of a man that I am. I have been undone many times by this awesome presence, this holiness that tears you down to bare facts. Oh how utterly unworthy I am in myself, naked and unclean before that terrible, glory-filled throne.

        By His grace we are gathered up in Him, part of Him, abiding in all that He is, as our All in All. He is the New Man Paul saw raised up in Ephesians, the new man of which we are members, the new man that spans both heaven and earth.

        My brother, this “all” leaves nothing remaining, nothing of us, nothing of me, nothing! He is the A and the Z, the alpha and the omega, the author and finisher, the way the truth the life – everything. He is the Life, the light and the Love!

        Dear ones – my word for you is to go in, go all the way in, go deeper, never look back, never tarry, but run, over the hedge and into His heart! Lay it all down, all the rot and ruin and pain and everything, set it down at His feet. Let your bitter and sweet tears run down on the feet of God, pour out that which you cherish the most, let it all run down over Him, just let it go. Then live in Him, every breath, every moment, every thing, just live in Him. Lord let it be as you desire. Amen.

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