A Call To The Remnant

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He saw me in the storm

Posted by appolus on September 19, 2012

Lord have you seen my tears?
Can’t you see I’m drowning in my fears?
I try to run but there’s no where left to hide
I fall to my knees because I’m dying here inside

I lift my eyes and there’s darkness all around
I try to get up but I fall back to the ground
I try to scream but I cannot make a sound
I’m lost and alone and I never shall be found

Reach down and touch me Lord wont you please?
For if you don’t I’ll die here on my knees
My heart is broken and has spilled out all my love
My only hope is a touch from up above

The darkness Lord has consumed my very soul
To survive one more night is my only goal
Hope has abandoned me and left me high and dry
And with this last breath I lift my voice and cry

Oh Lord Jesus wont you hear this plea
I’m bound and chained and longing to be free
This one last breath is all I have to give
Save my soul from death so that I once more may live

Listen child I have heard your plea’s
I see you dying there down upon you knees
I see your broken heart the pieces on the ground
I see that storm that is raging all around

I speak to that storm and it shall be stilled
I will replace that broken heart and it shall be filled
Take my hand and get up from off you knees
Look around and see that I have stilled the sea’s

Walk with Me and know you’re not alone
Let us dwell together here before my holy throne
Let my peace replace all of your fears
For my love for you has wiped away all the tears

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