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The Dark Abyss

Posted by appolus on September 25, 2012

I looked in to the dark abyss
And it looked right back at me
Full of swirling chaos
And darker than the darkest sea

There were mountainous waves and lightening too
That raced across the skies
There was great explosions of thunder
That drowned out all mens cries

The mountainous waves rose to their height
And men would scream and cry with fright
Arms waving wildly and distorted features
These men were the most miserable of creatures

They were fully abandoned to the dark abyss
And the sea was pulling them down
There was one thing that was certain about these men
They were all going to drown

Yet in this sea of perpetual drowning
No one ever dies
I looked into the dark abyss
And saw this sea was full of lies

The waves they are perpetual
For the winds of hell they never cease
And so this dark and stormy sea
Shall never find eternal peace

And so the souls bound in this sea
Eternally longing to be free
Shall never see the light of day
Nor death for which they desperately pray

Have you looked in to this dark abyss
With eyes that still can see?
Won’t you turn your back on  this
And look to Him who’ll set you free?

Take the hand that reaches down
Do not fall in to this sea
It’s the hand of Christ who wears the crown
The victorious crown of Calvary

There is a place of eternal peace
And it begins at the foot of the cross
There is a heavenly Father above
Who would have none to suffer loss

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