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Unbroken sunshine leads to deserts

Posted by appolus on May 12, 2012

Luk 13:34 Jerusalem! Jerusalem! the one killing the prophets, and stoning those having been sent to her; how often I desired to gather your children in the way a hen gathers her brood under the wings, and you did not desire it.

How I long to look with optimistic eyes at the landscape of our Christianity here in the West. And yet the sands of time gather around our feet. For so long now we have desired to walk in unbroken sunshine not knowing that unbroken sunshine creates deserts. And now we look out upon the landscape and everything beautiful has dried up in the sun that we have demanded. Century by century the desert has encroached upon the green fields and mountains and valleys, slowly consuming everything. If it were not for rivers in the desert then we would have died of thirst already. If it were not for desert blooms then the all the color of life would be gone. There are precious few saints left who embrace the storm, who stand in the flood, who walk through the fire, who walk upon the water. Jesus weeps as He surveys the desert sands and the leanness of our souls. We have rejected the deep good soil of His sufferings and embraced the desires of our own hearts leaving behind something shallow, something easily dried up by the sun which we demand. And then this shallow thing turns to dust and is blown away by the wind, nothing grows and the desert comes.

Unbroken sunshine leads to deserts
And endless dunes across the soul
Yet the storms that blow from God above
Help make us whole, and that with love

For man will always take the path
Of least resistance to his flesh
He runs to pride and from the meek
To God confess, the humble seek

To walk with God is to walk through fire
And beds of coal beneath our feet
Through every mountain pass and valleys
And desert heat and darkened alleys

Unless the seed falls to the ground
And rain and storms have tilled the land
Then nothing grows and all is dead
No wheat shall stand, no one is fed

So embrace the storms and raging seas
And hail and snow and fallen trees
And fire and flood and rising tide
Will set you free, no more to hide

For if God is for me, I’ll walk in peace
And His grace on me shall never cease
To mold and shape and create in me
The landscape that you now can see

6 Responses to “Unbroken sunshine leads to deserts”

  1. Tim Shey said

    I think this is a real problem with a lot of Christians. They don’t want to go deeper with God; they don’t want to die to self. It is a narrow path.

  2. appolus said

    Amen Tim, the narrow path, unfortunatly, is found by the few, may more find it in these dark days……………bro Frank

  3. Tim Shey said

    I like the title of your blog: “Scottish Warriors for Christ”. I am guessing that you have some Scottish blood in you. I am not Scots, I am German-Irish.

    You may want to read this sometime:

    “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America”

  4. appolus said

    Hi Tim, I was born and raised in Scotland, came to Kansas with my wife at the age of 26, 21 years ago. Was born-again here in the States less than one year after arriving. My testimony is at the top of the page. German Irish? 🙂 Quite a combination……………bro Frank

  5. W.E. Smith said

    Another deep word my brother. In this age of hyphenated, small “c” Christianity, the deep, purposeful, emptying work of the cross, has not only been lost, it have become an offense to so many who name His name. Paul travailed for these babes, until “Christ be formed in them.” We have made the gospel so much about self-affirmation, not what the Word reveals it to be – not self-negation. We have turned sanctification into a work of renovation rather what it truly is – demolition and the building up (the filling up unto fullness) of Christ in the empty shell that remains.He emptied Himself to come down and then He went willingly to the cross of death to pour Himself out for us unto life, and He is the way, the pattern – so why is it different for us I wonder? “Oh He did everything for us so that we wouldn’t have to – praise the Lord!” – Oh really? So then how does He deal with this “body of death” that Paul spoke, that he wrestled with constantly, with the sin and self-life that remained? What does baptism picture? Cleansing? Washing your hands? No, it pictures death, being covered over, subsumed, buried, finished. “I have died for you my friends, no need to take up your cross daily and follow me – all is done” – is this what the Master gave us? I dare say I wish it was.

    To become something new, to receive a new name, a new identity in the Father’s House, we must receive a new life, the very life of the Final Adam, the Father’s Beloved Son. He is the basis of the New Creation, the fount and breath of life that sustains it. We are to become a new creature that lives and moves exist in Him. This is all true, yet something stands in the way of all this – and you all know what it is – it is the Old Man. It is you and me in all of our inherent fullness and self-life. It is everything of us, not just the bad but even the good. We in and of ourselves are not like most cities with good and bad neighborhoods, and the Holy Spirit is revitalizing the sundry parts. No that is not what Paul taught in Romans and elsewhere. “In me there is no good thing”. The cross offered us isn’t like chemo-therapy that kills off only the bad cells, it destroys everything. It is not like modern psychology that treats selective or destructive areas of your behavior and personality – IT CUTS YOU DOWN. ALL OF YOU!

    It is a strange and terrible work the Lord is doing with those few willing to venture down this narrow path. Yet we are not to think it strange that so many fiery trails and afflictions and losses are working ways to separate us from ourselves, to break us down, to bring us to death daily. Praise God that He employs the very curse of sin to slay it. “You will not die” – muttered the serpent under his foul breath, but indeed we must, we have to, it is the only way to truly live in the image of God.

    Yet in the midst of it, He will refresh and encourage us, He will give a glass of water to those little ones who are fellowshipping in His sufferings, and He will bless heartily all others who do so as well.

    Hear this word from our dear brother Frank all His saints, for it is a good word, a true word, a word made flesh in this man.

    And may we each be encouraging one another as we see the day approaching. You do see it don’t you? May your eyes be opened, may He spit on the earth and command your eyes to be opened, and your ears to hear what He is saying to the churches at this very moment. We are Daniels in Babylon saints, and yet are we weeping over His fallen city, His fallen testimony, His captive people who He redeemed and betrothed unto Himself? What are we concerned with or consumed with – this Sodom in which live? Here take this hand and come out. Leave everything behind and come out! Don’t look back for this Sodom has nothing for you – leave it all – your place, your home, your citizenship, you affiliations, your painted treasure, even the loved ones who refuse to leave – Come out! And be counted with the Lord! Come out to stand on the mount with your father Abraham, for the time and the call is coming quickly to an end.

  6. appolus said

    Such a rich reply brother Wayne. All the more richer because I know that the Lord has fleshed this out in your life. I would not want to add to your reply, the Lord has spoken…………. bro Frank

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