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I am you Higher Ground!

Posted by appolus on January 19, 2012

Are you hurting today? Have the trials of life overwhelmed you? Has the enemy come in like a flood and you can see no way of escape? Psalm 61 says “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” (Psa 61:2)

The end of the earth is a very remote place. I would imagine that if you are dwelling at the ends of the earth that you are cut off from everything. Perhaps your circumstances have cut you off from everything? Perhaps you are in the loneliest and most frightening place you have every been in? And yet we see, even from that place one can cry out to God. Even if you have taken the wings of the morning and now dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, you can cry out to God and He will hear you.

Perhaps you have made your bed in hell? You lie down, paralysed by fear and the darkness that is all around you. Even in this place you can cry to the Lord, He will come to you even in the deepest darkness because even this darkness is light to Him. He is calling you back to Him, He is saying ” come to me, cry out to me, take my hand and come up to higher ground.” …… Bro Frank


The tears of my heart are falling
And each drop is a part of me
My heart is thoroughly broken
Oh my Father in heaven can’t you see

My heart lays wet on my pillow
I am wounded and broken inside
I try to hang on to what I have
Yet the floodgates are opened wide

The cry of my soul is to heaven
Yet the flood of my heart rises still
Who will heal my heart of this rupture
I have swallowed a most bitter pill

In the midst of this flood that is rising
I am overwhelmed by what I can see
I shut my eyes and cast them to heaven
And the Lord says ” keep your eyes upon me.’

Be still my child and trust in me yet
I have captured each tear in my hand
I see your afflictions and troubled heart
Upon I alone you must stand

For when the enemy comes in like a flood
And there’s no hiding place to be found
I am your refuge and strong high tower
I am your higher ground

Come away with me in the midst of this storm
Will you place your heart in my hand
Trust in me oh child of mine
And together, you shall surely stand

4 Responses to “I am you Higher Ground!”

  1. Mark and Pam Proper said

    Dear brother Frank,Psalm 9:9,10-The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed,a refuge in times of trouble.And they that KNOW THY NAME will put their trust in thee:for thou,LORD,hast not forsaken them that seek thee. Glory to our risen savior JESUS CHRIST!Don’t you just wonder how many people got saved when all the saints came out of the graves and walked around after Jesus was crucified?What an astonishing time!I can just imagine a person seeing their Uncle and being so shocked and amazed!What did they say? What must have taken place?!Talk about revival! and how did they go back to the graves?Wow! God is awesome!

  2. appolus said

    It would have been quite a thing to see the dead rise. It would have been such a glorious thing to see Jesus walking after such a brutal death. I can only imagine the joy of the saints. Victory in Jesus, our Saviour forever!!!!! ……… brother Frank

  3. martin said

    Really helped me this morning this has. These words really speak to me as life is overwhelming at times. It knocks you about and feel responsible for having not stood up too well in it all. Gods heart is in these words. Theres alot of us people yearning to connect with Gods heart. Other words have no power but I know when I read and hear them if they come from Gods heart. I can see that truly connecting with this heart of Gods can be life changing.Thanks Frank for posting it.

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