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Revival comes in Unity

Posted by appolus on April 29, 2010

Can I suggest brothers and sisters that the Lord is weeping today over His church, His bride? Can it be possible that all day long the Lord cries out to us and we are ignoring Him? Can it be possible that He walks amongst us and we are so dead in our religion that we fail to see Him. Is He not knocking on the doors of our heart? What a tragedy that the Lord Himself is knocking on the doors of His Church and the knocking goes unanswered because we are too busy with the cares of this world to have the time to seek Him and to answer the knocking. We are so pre-occupied with the business of the world, we are so distracted that we cannot see that even now as you read this, the enemies of God’s people are encompassing us, on every side. Shall we too miss “ the time of our visitation?”

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