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Peace like a River

Posted by appolus on April 3, 2008

My peace is like a river
Winding slowly to the sea
My heart is deeper than the oceon
Filled with love He gave to me

Oh love that knows no ending
Rise up and set me free
I shall sail forever on this oceon
Forever, ever closer unto thee

Fill my sails oh precious Jesus
Wind of the Spirit propel me on
Over seas of tranquil beauty
To the horizon and beyond

I have sailed through stormy waters
When all my days had turned to night
I have sailed though windless days
Often tempted,tired, and no more fight

Sometimes the sun it seems to set
And we fight the rising tide
Of fear and darkness and regret
Yet thou art always by my side

So sail on my heart, to journey’s end
Sail on into the night
And neither wind nor rain nor stormy seas
Shall diminish the morning light

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