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And the pages of history turn

Posted by appolus on June 27, 2015

scriptureThe ruling of the Supreme Court will challenge every aspect of our faith and we will be the better for it, stronger refined and more confident in what we believe. For those whose faith is built upon anything less that Christ Himself, then they will be swept away by the flood and the cultural winds that are now blowing at hurricane strength.

Now why would I say that the cultural winds are blowing at hurricane strength? Has there not always been societal pressures in the West, cultural aspects of who we are that challenge our walk with God and our witness to our communities? In fact, the subject of marriage is one aspect of the culture in the west that has continually brought shame on what is known as Christendom. The truth is, the Christian community  has remained silent to a great extent on the fact that in so many churches up and down the land, 40-50% of their congregation are divorced. That alone disqualifies us from speaking from a position of authority on the subject. We do not hold the moral high ground on this subject and ours sins have found us out. God is not mocked, that which a man sows or winks at, he reaps. We are reaping today.

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