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And the pages of history turn

Posted by appolus on June 27, 2015

scriptureThe ruling of the Supreme Court will challenge every aspect of our faith and we will be the better for it, stronger refined and more confident in what we believe. For those whose faith is built upon anything less that Christ Himself, then they will be swept away by the flood and the cultural winds that are now blowing at hurricane strength.

Now why would I say that the cultural winds are blowing at hurricane strength? Has there not always been societal pressures in the West, cultural aspects of who we are that challenge our walk with God and our witness to our communities? In fact, the subject of marriage is one aspect of the culture in the west that has continually brought shame on what is known as Christendom. The truth is, the Christian community  has remained silent to a great extent on the fact that in so many churches up and down the land, 40-50% of their congregation are divorced. That alone disqualifies us from speaking from a position of authority on the subject. We do not hold the moral high ground on this subject and ours sins have found us out. God is not mocked, that which a man sows or winks at, he reaps. We are reaping today.

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Coming persecution-are you outside the camp?

Posted by appolus on April 8, 2015

temple-mount-stonesWherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate. Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach. For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come. (Heb 13:12-14)

You see brothers and sisters, here we have no continuing city, we are pilgrims and sojourners. The foundations that we lay down in any one place are at best temporary. There was a fearful judgement to come upon Jerusalem and the temple system. There was also a prophecy given, apparently around 66ad shortly after James was killed, that urged the saints to flee Jerusalem to a place called Pella. Not to stand and fight and try to preserve that which was under judgement, but to flee. When you are within a walled city, it is very tempting to stay there and hide behind the protection that it affords. Yet, if you are told to flee then flee you must or suffer the consequences of the coming judgement.

Now we know that judgement begins at the house of the Lord. Judgment is coming to Christendom in the form of persecution. For those with eyes to see, they can already see the vandals scaling the walls and entering in. The pillars of truth are being torn down. The traditions of men are being demolished and overturned and before it is over, not one tradition will be left standing. Those who stay within the gates of Christendom will fall away into perdition. Brothers and sisters, if you live beside the sea and I warn you of a tsunami, then what would you do? Would you not drop everything, everything that you owned, all of your worldly goods, grab your children under your arms and head for higher ground?

The time has come for every saint to head for higher ground. It will not be found within the walls or behind the gates, it will be found out there where the only protection that you will find is in the arms of the Lord your God. Nostalgia for the traditions of men will not save you, your ancient traditions good or bad will not save you, you will only be saved in Christ alone. When God Himself has set out to tear everything down that is mixed with the world, then let us flee from that mixture. When you find your identity it totally wrapped up in Him. When He alone is your high tower, then you will find your place with others who likewise have found their identity in Him alone. You will not find this place within structures that have compromised with the world. In the coming years, every institution will be tested and will either compromise with the world or will be shut down. So many have already made the choice. Many more will. It is and will be the great exposer of the intent and motivations of the hearts of so-called leaders. The great majority will prove to be hirelings.

For those who find the Lord outside the camp, they will indeed bear the reproach of the Lord Jesus. Just remember, they hated our Lord first and they will hate us too. In not belonging to their clubs and institutions, conviction is brought to bear upon their heads. Coals of fire burning into the very essence of who they are and with that an ever-increasing hatred and persecution for the pilgrim saints who only claim Him and Him alone as their Lord. In the very same chapter of Hebrews 13 quoted above we are admonished to be content with what we have and know that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We are reminded to be bold in the fact that the Lord alone is our helper and we shall not fear what man shall do to us. The Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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Death by denomination.

Posted by appolus on October 1, 2014

” The histories of the monks and the friars shows that if a spiritual movement can be kept within the confines of the Roman Catholic Church or any similar system, it is doomed and must be dragged down to the level of that which it sought originally to reform.It purchases exemption from persecution at the cost of its life. Francis of Assisi and Peter Waldo were both laid hold of by the same teaching of the Lord and yielded themselves to Him with uttermost devotion. In each case the example set and the teaching given gained the hearts of large numbers and affected their whole manner of life. The likeness turned to contrast when the one was accepted and the other rejected by the organized religion of Rome. The inward relation to the Lord may have remained the same, but the working out of the two lives differed widely. The Franciscans being absorbed into the Roman system, helped to blind men to it, while Waldo and his band of preachers directed multitudes of souls to the Scriptures, where they learned to draw for themselves fresh )and inexhaustible supplies from the ” wells of salvation.” (The Pilgrim Church, pg 117)

Can you see what Broadbent is saying? Those who bow to an institution,any denomination, are doomed to die a slow death and that which began as fire is doused by the waters of compromise and idolatry. God is a jealous God. He shares His glory with no one and no institution. You cannot serve two masters, you will ultimately love the one and hate the other. The burning fire of God takes place outside the walls, outside the bounds of organized religion. This fire ultimately becomes the enemy of all religion. That is why Frank Bartleman was so upset when the Azusa street revival morphed into a denomination. This would guarantee the demise of the movement itself. Whether a movement begins within the confines of organised religion or becomes an organised religion, the end result is the same. Better to stay within the confines of God and God alone and be persecuted and killed, than to die the slow death of compromise and idolatry. The Waldenses that Broadbent makes reference to when speaking of Waldo, was ruthlessly hunted down and eventually wiped out by religion. Yet, the gates of hell did not prevail against the genuine Church nor can it. God always maintains a witness in the land, a remnant.

Gods end-time Church will burn with the fire of God outside the camp of religion. They will be no less hated by all men. They will fulfill the high priestly prophecy of John 17 and they shall be one for a witness to the world, without compromise and idolatry. The only authority that they shall bow to will be the authority of God. The authority of man ultimately corrupts the moving of God. Self preservation and a desire to avoid persecution in all its many forms is the death of any movement of God. The last great movement of God shall embrace persecution and count it an honor to suffer humiliation and rejection and persecution for His sake, for in this they follow closely in the footsteps of Jesus. And the greatest persecution will come from those who seek to control and organize the people of God. When Gods people reject the authority of religion, they become its greatest enemy and this leads to their persecution. Only lovers of truth will stand in the coming days of darkness. One must be willing to forsake all in order to gain eternal glory.

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