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Back from Scotland.

Posted by appolus on November 24, 2014

Hi saints. I am back from Scotland. I spent sixteen days over there and I believe there was much fruit. On many levels it was difficult and I personally felt buffeted by the enemy of our souls. Yet, there were breakthroughs in some very difficult spiritual situations and God held me and kept me and ministered to me in ways that were very special. I appreciate all the prayers of the saints that I had and they certainly held me up. I believe for myself personally that many poems and songs will come out of my experiences while there. In fact two in particular that I wrote while over there may find themselves in an album that is being put together, along with a few other one that I have written. The three other singers that will be involved in this album are very anointed and we pray that when it comes it will be fresh manna. It may take several months because it will be done as the resources are available, but God is good and He equips and supplies that which He calls. I am looking forward to getting back to writing and sharing that writing on this page. My prayer has always been that this site would be a blessing to many. We are almost at the 200,000 mark with visitors from over 160 different countries. This blows my mind, yet God prophesied six years ago that He would use me to ” write to the nations.” This has come dramatically to pass and I praise God for His goodness and His mercy and His gifts which He gives to His children. I would appreciate the prayers of the saints as I finish up a book entitled, strangely enough ” A Call to the Remnant,” with the sub-heading ” A word to God’s children for the end of the ages.” Below is a wee video I shot from the hills above my hometown of Scotland…………………bro Frank

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