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Genuine fellowship and our desperate need for it.

Posted by appolus on February 3, 2022

The church system is antithetical to genuine fellowship. If the leadership is a one man band and only he “ministers” then why would we imagine that they would not reproduce after their own kind? A multitude of starving folks, starving from lack of edification, starving from genuine fellowship centered around a common passion…..Jesus.
Genuine saints are driven in the depths of their spirits to find others who have the same overarching passion as they do. The saint is not looking to “make friends,” like the world, they are seeking the called out ones. When they find them, these folks from a thousand different backgrounds, they find not friends, but genuine brothers and sisters, centered around a common beating heart. It is the heart of our heavenly Father and it beats with the rhythm of the Kingdom. Our hearts beat together as one and the bond is unbreakable.

3 Responses to “Genuine fellowship and our desperate need for it.”

  1. Rebecca said

    You are so right. The LORD has intersected a sister into my life that is passionate for Christ, passionate in prayer. We connected and have been given an enduring friendship in Christ. God has also intersected the lost who need to hear about Christ. It is a dark time but the gospel message is our hope … our blessed hope. We must always share whether they hear or not. Not many see this as a spiritual war but those that hear do see … there is coming much more tribulation. This is the beginning and the test of faith that is ahead will separate pew sitters whose faith is grounded in a man or woman. Our faith must be in Christ alone and His promises. He is going to return as a King warrior to redeem and to avenge. I so want to be ready. I so want to be found in faith. I so want to be part of His called out ones … no matter the cost and there will be a cost but Jesus is worth knowing … He is eternal life.

    • appolus said

      Amen sister! And oh what joy that you have found a like-minded sister in the Lord. Where two or three are gathered!……………bro Framl

  2. Anonymous said


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