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A steadfast heart and a right spirit.

Posted by appolus on September 26, 2021

Psalm 78:8 A generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not steadfast with God.

This is a clear warning as to what happens when you do not “set your heart,” properly, you spirit will not trust in God. Consider this saying “they set not their hearts aright.” This is a clear indication that it is incumbent upon us to make sure the conditions of our heart is good. This can only come in cooperation with God, He will not do this for you. And the beginning of a right heart is fear of God and thankfulness for what He has provided.

In this psalm it is recorded that they were delivered from Egypt. The sea was parted, they had a cloud over their heads by day and a fire by night. Water gushed forth from the rocks and bread fell from the heavens. Yet, they were not thankful, they still did not trust God. And they “tested God in their heart,’ their un-thankful hearts and asked for “the food of their fancy.” (v 19) They wanted more, they wanted better and they wanted it now. Does this not remind you of the prosperity gospel? And so we are told that God rained down meat on them “like the dust.” Feathered fowl more than the sands of the seas. How they must have thought, for a in time, that they were blessed of the Lord forgetting all the lessons of Job.

And so they ate and were filled, they gorged themselves and He gave them over to their own desires. “They were not deprived of their cravings.” (v30) Their desire and their obsessions were not for God but for the things that filled their stomachs. In our day it is houses and cars and status and that same “fancy,’ food. Yet even while it was in their mouth the wrath of God was stirred. And in verse 33 we see that “their days were consumed in futility and their years in fear.” To seek after the things of the world is to spend your life in futility. If your heart is not right with God you will spend your life in fear.

Yet the Lord has for Himself a people that He has taken possession of and they have found their Zion. A thankful people, a people who have set their hearts to trust in their God. Who, no matter what, are a thankful people. An obedient people. A people whose cravings and grand obsessions are not for the fancy foods and material possessions of this world but for God Himself. And He has set a King over us and His name is Jesus, the only begotten Son of God and the glory of God. And we are shepherded by Christ Himself, glory to God. Watch the condition of your hearts saints, keep it right, keep it watered by the living waters of God.

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