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The goodness and the severity.

Posted by appolus on March 16, 2021

Jesus Christ could speak to the sorrow-burdened heart of humanity words so full of mother-love and father-love as to make men crowd and press round Him. On the other hand, He could suddenly speak words that flashed and scorched and burned until men drew back in astonishment. (G.Campbell Morgan)

Brother Morgan identifies a fundamental truth about God. In Romans 11:22 we are told to consider the goodness and the severity of God. You will not hear too many sermons on this Scripture. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, no one wants to talk about the severity of God. In an age of cheap grace it has become anathema. Secondly the immediate context of the verse talks about being cut off from God and the fact that if God did not spare the natural branches then we were to take heed “lest He spare not thee.” That right there, in an age of once saved always saved, brings up too many theological problems so better just not to preach on the subject or try and insert another narrative into the text.

Anyway, back to the quote. When reading the words of Jesus there is a wonderful balance. He does indeed speak to the sorrow-burdened heart and He does indeed pour forth the love of His heavenly Father. It is this love that opens up the heart in ways that only the Holy Spirit can do. In His presence and by His power the heart is opened up in a unique way. Hard hearts suddenly become vulnerable. Hearts that have hidden themselves away in the darkness are brought out into the light. The captive heart sees a man outside of his jail cell with the key. The broken heart knows instinctively that it can find healing from the source of these words. All of it is terrifying and unsettling.

The heart exposed to that kind of power is equally threatened by the Words that have peeled opened all the layers. The Word that warns. The Word that reveals. The Word that explains the hearts inevitable end if it is left in its present state. Like the finest surgeon that ever was, with the most intricate of scalpels, sharp to a supernatural extent, the Word made flesh cuts deep into the fleshy heart. Behold, the goodness and the severity of God. It all at once illuminates your state and also bids you leave that state behind. And its bidding, because it is Truth, comes with the warning of the results of ignoring what you hear. Obedience is the key.

When you hear God speak you must trust and obey, for there in no other way as the old hymn goes. On the cross there is a mysterious amalgam of justice and mercy, there they are intertwined. What can save you by its mercy as you respond in obedience, will also inevitably bring justice to those who ignore the Word of God. Calvary is the immovable line of justice by which all men shall be judged. Calvary is at once wonderful and terrible. Wonderful to those being saved and terrifying to those who choose to reject it. May all men today, whether saved or not saved, bow to the Word of God and know the goodness and the severity of our God.

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