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Posted by appolus on March 12, 2020

As I was walking and praying this morning, the Holy Spirit dropped this word into my spirit-suddenly. The definition of the word suddenly is “quickly and unexpectedly.” In my own very recent past I have encountered some dramatic suddenlies. About six weeks before Christmas, one of my best friends, who was 67 and a wonderful man of God, was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told him that without treatment he had about six months, with treatment maybe a year. Shortly after he began infusion treatments and about four weeks after that he died-suddenly. Last year my neighbors husband, who was about the same age as my friend had some pains. He went to the doctors and tests were taken. The day after they told him he had cancer, he died the following week-suddenly. Two weeks ago, by beloved four year old dog Jack got sick on the Friday. Took him to the vets, got blood work and meds, a day later he died-suddenly.

We are never very far away from suddenlies. They can strike out of the blue and plunge us into a certain kind of darkness. Yet there is another kind of suddenly. Suddenly in the upper room the Holy Spirit comes. Suddenly we who were one moment in darkness are flooded by the light of His presence. Given the nature of this life we saints should be more prepared for suddenlies than anyone else. The solid Rock upon which we stand is not shaken. Others who stand merely in this world can be shaken to their core and suffer irreparable damage. We who stand upon the Christ, who know Jesus intimately can never be destroyed by the circumstances of this world. We can surely suffer, but not like the world suffers. The world suffers alone and can be inconsolable. We have a comforter is that not right saints? His name is the Holy Spirit. The Lord says He would not leave us as orphans. No, He would send the Holy Spirit to us and by the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus Himself would take up residence in our hearts and that is our strength. That is the source of our light when darkness threatens to consume us. He is the source of our peace and joy when we have suffered grievous loss. As long as we are found in Him.

“And the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple.” We are His temple brothers and sisters. It is up to us to continually seek Him in our every day walk. It is in the daily seeking of Him and the finding of Him that we strengthen ourselves and prepare ourselves not only for the suddenlies of this world but also of the end of this world which is soon upon us. And who will stand in that day? Who will be able to stand in the refiners fire? His saints. His saints full of His oil. His prepared saints. Oil not just in the lamp but in the vessel. Those who are intimately connected to the two olive trees of Zechariah which represent the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. To be intimately connected with our Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit means that our lamps will never go out. We have an eternal source of power and light from the inexhaustible supplies of heaven itself. There shall be many suddenlies in the days to come and by them will come much darkness, but we, the bearers of the light shall shine greatly in the gross darkness.

3 Responses to “Suddenly”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…….This is an incredibly right word for the saints living in these last dark and dangerous times. My wife and I have had our “suddenlies”. I was driving along with two of our precious little girls in the car about 12 years ago now. We were driving along enjoying the beautiful Mexico countryside, and looking forward to a great time together that day, then, “SUDDENLY”, The right front tire on my mission van blew violently out. These were new tires that i had put on the van only 2 weeks before. The violence of the blowout caused the van to leave the road, and we rolled 3 times. Both of our precious little girls were, SUDDENLY taken from us in a moment of time. We were absolutely shaken to the core brother Frank, but it is as you quoted in this article today, “The solid rock Christ Jesus on which we stand, cannot be shaken” That was 15 years ago now, the mission here in Mexico is still going strong, and our precious little girls are safe and secure in the arms of Jesus Christ our Lord. Then about 12 years ago one of our little twin boys, who was only 3 years old got sick and died SUDDENLY. Tragedies such as these in not uncommon in the lives of Gods remnant people. The country sides of the world are dotted with the graves of missionaries and their children. But the work goes on, simply because when the SUDDENLIES come and shakes Gods people to their very core, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the solid rock on which we stand cannot be shaken, and he gives us the grace that we need to continue.
    I pray that many saints will read your excellent word today brother Frank, they are going to need it in these dark and dreadful days we are living in right now. I can assure you that there are many SUDDENLIES in front of us. But be strong, for i am a living witness that Jesus Christ will never leave you nor forsake you.

    • appolus said

      Brother, you have had your fair share of suddenlies. Unimaginable loss, unthinkable without the Lord Jesus. I am so glad that He conquered darkness otherwise we would be swallowed whole by it in the days of our suddenlies. There is a reason why the Lord has you involved in this world brother. Not only a soldier in the world but a soldier in the Lord. The Body of Christ needs men like you brother, desperately needs them. You stand as a witness to the power or overcoming. The power to endure because our Lord first endured and overcame. One day brother I will come and visit you in a great big mansion and we can talk about our days on earth and glorify God together. You are a noble saint and I am honored to know you………………………bro Frank

  2. Nina said

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