A Call To The Remnant

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All that He’s created

Posted by appolus on October 24, 2019

When the heat of the summer’s over
And the leaves begin to fall
And winter fast approaches
I feel so very small

The grandeur of the seasons
Tis God’s own ticking clock
And through the seasons of my life
I’m compelled to simply stop

And survey the wonders of the heavens
That declare the glory of my King
And all around I see His beauty
And to His throne my praises bring

To stand atop the highest mountain
To soar with the eagles up above
To gaze at the stars in all their splendor
Does not compare to His rapturous love

For one so small I stand amazed
In the throne room so serene
For his glory eclipses everything
That I have ever seen

Come now oh children of the Lord
And hear what I have stated
The handiwork of Christ our King
And all that He’s created

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